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When submitting corrections please make sure that what you are submitting is accurate. There is no name on this site that has not been verified to be a member of Phi Delta Theta. Any submitted names will be verified by the GHQ name database. Any photographs would be greatly appreciated.

Any requests for the addition of Pro Wrestler Ric Flair will be ignored

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Any corrections will be greatly appreciated

Specific Fields
This field was one of the three most diificult to do. There are many in the sports field who are still active and on occasion switch job positions or teams. I've done my best to be specific however please understand that I cannot continually make changes which are extremely specific to the point others are overshadowed. The purpose of this site is to give an overall view of Phis in many fields and their accomplishments. It is not intended to give a biography of an individual person.

Researching the military was often tedious and any corrections will be greatly appreciated.

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Throughout the site, there are Facts about Phis in certain fields. All the facts have been verified. If there is any disagreement, please refer to the "Sources" section on the site.