In his autobiography "To Be a Man", Pro Wrestler Ric Flair mentioned that he was a member of Phi Delta Theta at the University of Minnesota. For those not familiar with Ric Flair, he is one of the most popular pro wrestlers in history. However, not a single Phi has ever verified that he was a member. I have gotten several e-mails as to why I do not include him. Comments of his "bio card might have been lost" is completely ridiculous. If he truly was a Phi then why is it only now that people have heard about it? He may have been a pledge but was never initiated (he dropped out of school) which may explain why there is no record of a "Ric Flair" or his given name "Richard Fliehr" in Phi Delta Theta. I would like to include him. He is one of the most recognizable athletes in sports entertainment but I can't.

If anyone is still convinced that he is a Phi, I encourage you to contact General Headquarters and they will verify that he is not. As a final note keep in mind that just because someone says that he is a Phi doesn't make it so. There has to be proof because if that were the case any person, famous or not, can claim himself to be a Phi just because he says so.