Neil Armstrong
Purdue University, 1955
Commander, Apollo XI
First man on the Moon
William F. Durand
Michigan State, 1880
First Chairman
National Advisory Committee
for Aeronautics (NACA).
Forerunner of NASA

E. Burke Wilford Jr.
Univ., of Pennsylvania, 1922
Airplane Inventor
F. Story Musgrave
Syracuse University, 1958
NASA Astronaut
Challenger, Columbia
Space Shuttle

Jon A. McBride
West Virginia, 1964
NASA Astronaut
Columbia Space Shuttle
G. Merrit Preston
Ohio University, 1939
Pre-Flight Operations
Manager - Manned Spacecraft
Center Cape Operations
Cape Canaveral

J. Clifford Turpin
Purdue, 1908
One of the first aviators
in history. Member of the
Wright Brothers Flight Team
Joel Stebbins
Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1899
Pioneer in Astronomical
Astronomical Society
Gold Medal Recipient
Thomas L. Thurlow
Stanford University, 1929
Pioneer Aviator in Navigation
Co-pilot to Howard Hughes
Brigadier General
Charles F. Blair Jr.

University of Vermont, 1931
Record Setting Aviator.
Harmon International
Aviation Award Recipient

*Also listed in Military: Generals

Thomas Jefferson Jackson See
Univ., of Missouri, 1889
Specialist in the field
of Gravitational Astronomy.
Chief astronomer for the
United States Navy
E. Quimby Smith
Michigan State University, 1948
Pioneer Rocket Scientist
Held over a dozen patents in
rocket and missle systems

Eugene L. Vidal
Univ. of South Dakota, 1916
Aeronautics Pioneer
First Director of the
Bureau of Air Commerce

*Also listed in Gov't-Fed-Exec.
Sports: Olympics

General John R. Dailey
UCLA, 1956
Associate Deputy
Administrator, NASA

*Also listed in Military: Generals

William Magruder
UCLA, 1944
Supersonic Transport
Program (SST), NASA