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Alabama Alpha - University of Alabama
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Chester Harding 1884 Gov: State-Governors
Oscar Gray 1885 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Alexander M. Garber 1886 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
William B. Oliver 1887 Government: Fed-Congressmen
William M. Martin 1889 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
Joseph N. Powers 1891 Education: College Presidents
Massey Wilson 1891 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
William B. Bankhead 1893 Government: Fed-Congressmen
James S. McLester 1896 Medicine
Mortimer H. Jordan 1902 Military: Dis. Service Cross
John J. F. Steiner 1914 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Bradley J. Saunders 1917 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Daniel H. Thomas 1927 Government: Fed-Federal Court
Cecil Isbell 1938 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
T. Ralston Long 1941 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Walter E. Perry Jr. 1947 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Lovic P. Hodnette 1948 Military: Generals/Admirals
Roscoe Roberts Jr. 1948 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Ryan De Graffenried 1949 Government: State-State Senators
Robert S. Dickson Jr. 1950 Government: State-State Assemblymen
George F. Bailey Jr. 1951 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Hugh Morrow III 1953 Government: State-State Assemblymen

Alabama Beta - Auburn University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Robert E. Noble 1890 Medicine. Military: Generals/Admirals
Clifford Hare 1891 Education: Presidents. Sports: College Football
John B. McDonald 1891 Military: Generals/Admirals
Walter Riggs 1892 Education: College Presidents. Sports: Football-College Coaches
Asa North Duncan 1913 Military: Generals/Admirals
John W. Persons 1915 Military: Generals/Admirals
Wilton Persons 1916 Military: Generals/Admirals
Edward W. Smith 1916 Military: Generals/Admirals
A. L. Boyd 1923 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Thomas N. Powell Jr. 1937 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Dwain Luce 1939 Military: Fighting Phis
Wilton B. Persons Jr. 1945 Military: Generals/Admirals
Eugene Sledge 1948 Military: Fighting Phis

Alberta Alpha - University of Alberta
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Donald E. Cameron 1939 Canadian Government

Arizona Alpha - University of Arizona
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
C. Allen Stewart 1928 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Royal C. Johnson 1928 Government: Fed-Congressmen
James McNulty 1950 Government: Fed-Congressmen
R. Dean Burch 1952 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Dennis Deconcini 1959 Government: Fed-Senators
Michael G. Murphy 1960 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Ronald Walker 1960 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet

Arizona Beta - Arizona State University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Clancy Osborne 1959 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Dan Forsman 1981 Sports: Other-Golf
Trace Armstrong 1989 Sports: Football-Prominent Players

Arkansas Alpha - University of Arkansas
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
John Tyson 1975 Business: Company Presidents

British Columbia Alpha - University of British Columbia
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Royal L. Maitland Unknown Canadian Government
Donald E. Stewart 1933 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Frederick P. Griffin 1939 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Robert Hampton Gray 1940 Military: Victoria Cross
Garde Gardom 1946 Canadian Government
William L. Sauder 1948 Education: College President
Arthur Phillips 1952 Canadian Government
David Helliwell 1956 Sports: Olympics
Bill McKerlich 1958 Sports: Olympics
Richard Bordewick 1964 Sports: Olympics
Peter Buckland 1964 Sports: Olympics
Max Wieczorek 1964 Sports: Olympics

California Alpha - University of California, Berkeley
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Frank Otis 1873 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Samuel B. Christy 1874 Education: College President
Henry A. Melvin 1889 Government: State-Supreme Court
Leslie R. Hewitt 1890 Government: State-State Senators
William Harrison Waste 1891 Government: State-Supreme Court
Clement C. Young 1892 Gov: State-Governors
Henry Waldgrave Stewart 1893 Education: Researchers, Scholars
Earl C. Anthony 1903 Media
Herman H. Phleger 1912 Government: Fed-Executive Branch
Curtis D. O'Sullivan 1916 Military: General
Warren L. Pierson 1917 Business: Presidents
John. W. Cline 1921 Medicine
Charles H. Mayer 1926 Literature: Editors
William Randolph Hearst Jr. 1929 Literature: Editors
Landon K. Fieberling 1932 Military: Navy Cross
Robert Clark 1936 Sports: Olympics
Harold Ellis Jr. 1953 Business: Company Founders
John Grubb 1953 Business: Company Founders
Bill Bixby 1956 Entertainment: Movies & Television

California Beta - Stanford University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Heaton Wrenn 1924 Sports: Olympics
Charles K. Fletcher 1924 Government: Fed-Congressmen
James Wallace O' Connor 1926 Sports: Olympics
Francis C. Strong 1929 Sports: Olympics
Thomas L. Thurlow 1929 Air and Space
Pete DesJardins 1931 Sports: Olympics
Kenneth Reynolds 1931 Sports: Olympics
Frank Booth 1932 Sports: Olympics
Austin Clapp 1932 Sports: Olympics
Norm Stanlee 1941 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Ted Schroeder 1942 Sports: Others-Tennis
Alan "Punch" Green 1949 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Ronald James 1950 Gov: State-Mayors
Paul N. McCloskey 1951 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Wallace Carson 1956 Military: Generals/Admirals
Paul Wiggin 1956 Sports: Football-Executives. Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Larry Questad 1965 Sports: Olympics
Sam Simon 1977 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
Phillip "Po" Bronson 1986 Literature: Distinguished Writers
Scott Fortune 1988 Sports: Olympics
Bob Hillman 1992 Entertainment: Music
Adam Keefe 1992 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball

California Gamma - UCLA
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
George I. Cochran 1886 (Alumnus Initiate) Business-Presidents
Edward A. Dickson 1901 (Alumnus Initiate) Education: Co-Founder-UCLA. Literature: Editors
Robert Carroll Nye 1925 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Wilbur Carroll Johns 1925 Sports: Basketball-College Coaches
Victor R. Hansen 1926 Military: Generals/Admirals
Frederick F. Houser 1926 Government: State - Exec. Officers
Francis D. Lyon 1928 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
William F. Harrah 1934 Business: Company Founders
Chauncey J. Medberry III 1938 Business: Presidents
Stewart Bledsoe 1944 Government: State-State Assemblymen
William Magruder 1944 Air and Space
Mike Connors 1950 Entertainment: Movies & Television
John R. Dailey 1956 Military: Generals/Admirals. Air and Space
Robert Winston Day 1966 Sports: Olympics
Robert Glenn Ketchum 1970 Art and Architecture

California Delta - University of Southern California
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Tracey Stewart 1923 Education: Presidents.
Pierre Cossette 1949 Entertainment: Music
Michael McDonald 1987 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Trey Callaway 1989 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
Richard Kelly 1997 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
Trevor Engelson 1998 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
Morgan Ensberg 1998 Sports: Baseball-Players

California Zeta - California State University, Northridge
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Al Meyer Jr. 1991 Entertainment: Movies & Television

California Theta - University of California, Irvine
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Geoffrey Pyatt 1985 Dept. of State: Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary South and Central Asian Affairs Bureau
John F. Bogess, MD 1986 Medicine. Leading authority in robotic assisted surgery
Tim Kashani 1986 Tony Award Winning Producer
Brig. Gen. Steven Garland 1987 Military: Commander 36th Wing, Deputy Commander Joint Region Marianas
Joshua Rexon 1994 Television Producer

California Omicron - California State University, Sacramento
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Kurt Caceres 1998 Entertainment: Movies & Television

California Rho - University of LaVerne
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Joseph Ashton Valencia 2005 Entertainment: Movies & Television

Colorado Alpha - University of Colorado, Boulder
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Eugene D. Millikin 1913 Government: Fed-Senators
Robert Griffin 1916 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
Edwin V. Evans 1918 Military: Dis. Service Cross
James M. Noland 1923 Government: Fed-Federal Court
Ted Bessell 1957 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Eddie Dove 1959 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Bill Toomey 1961 Sports: Olympics
Steve H. Hanke 1964 Education: Scholars
Chuck Gardner 1966 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Thomas Umberg 1977 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet

Colorado Beta - Colorado College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Thomas Leroy Kirkpatrick 1911 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Eugene D. Millikin 1913 Government: Fed-Senators
Lou Crosby 1916 Entertainment: Movies & Television
John G. Folsom 1943 Military: "Fighting Phis"
David Jenkins 1958 Sports: Olympics

Florida Alpha - University of Florida, Gainesville
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Virgil "Red" Newton 1926 Literature: Distinguished Writers
Lamar Warren 1930 Government: Fed-Federal Court
John Alison 1935 Military: Gen/Adm. Dist. Serv. Cross
Naubert O. Simard 1940 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Paul G. Rogers 1942 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Ted Randall 1950 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Richard A. Pettigrew 1953 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Robert C. Hartnett 1956 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Hugh Wilson 1965 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
Randy Jackson 1966 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Steven Tannen 1970 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Doug F. Wiles 1974 Government: State-State Assemblymen

Florida Beta - Rollins College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Herbert W. Hoover Jr. 1941 Business: Presidents
Jim Bowden 1983 Sports: Baseball-Executives/Managers
Prince Lorenzo Borghese 1995 Entertainment

Florida Gamma - Florida State University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Charlton C. Jernigan 1925 (Alumnus Initiate) Education: College Presidents
Hugh Durham 1958 Sports: Basketball-College Coaches
Burt Reynolds 1958 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Winfield S. Harpe 1959 Military: Generals/Admirals
James King 1961 Government: State-State Senators
James "Jim" Bailey 1968 Sports: Football: Eexecutives
T.K. Wetherell 1968 Education: Presidents
Rhett Dawson 1971 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Lee Nelson 1976 Sports: Football-Prominent Players

Florida Delta - University of Miami
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Jim Otto 1960 Sports: Football: Hall of Fame
John Dasburg 1973 Business: Presidents

Georgia Alpha Prime - Oglethorpe University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William W. Venable 1873 Government: Fed-Congressmen

Georgia Alpha - University of Georgia
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William M. Browne 1843 Military: Generals/Admirals
Charles M. Beckwith 1873 Education: Religion
Rufus Hardy 1875 Government: Fed-Congressmen
William M. Howard 1877 Government: Fed-Congressmen
James Gordon Russell 1878 Gov: Fed-Congressmen. Gov: Fed-Federal Court
William G. Brantley 1881 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Samuel Tribble 1891 Government: Fed-Congressmen
John T. Dorsey 1898 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Edward P. King 1903 Military: Dis. Service Cross. Military: Generals/Admirals
Lloyd Brown 1912 Military: Generals/Admirals
Frank Carter 1913 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
Phillip Watkins 1878 Government: State-State Senators
A. Lawton Miller 1933 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Albert B. Jones 1938 Military: Generals/Admirals
Ernest Vandiver 1940 State: Governors
Denmark Groover Jr. 1943 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Beverly F. Dolan 1950 Business: Presidents
George Busbee 1950 Gov: State-Governors
Otis Shroyer 1958 Entertainment: Movies & Television
W. Hamilton Jordan 1966 Gov: Fed-Executive. Sports: Other-Tennis
Billy Payne 1969 Sports: Olympics

Georgia Beta - Emory University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Alexander Means 1827 (Alumnus Initiate) College: Presidents
Morgan Callaway 1849 (Alumnus Initiate) Education: College President
Henry A. Matthews 1873 Government: State-State Senators
William A. Keener 1874 Gov't: State-Supreme Court. Educat.
James G. Lee 1880 Government: Fed-Congressmen
William H. Thomas 1887 Government: State-Supreme Court
Clare Purcell 1910 Education: Religion
Samuel M. Mathews 1919 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Louis M. Orr 1921 Medicine
Joseph M. Bowman Jr. 1952 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Donald Roger Eastman 1967 Education: Presidents

Georgia Delta - Georgia Institute of Technology
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Fuller Callaway, Jr. 1928 Business: Presidents
Lawrence Lott Edge 1933 Military: Navy Cross
Charlie Yates 1935 Sports: Other-Golf
Howard Callaway 1948 Government: Fed-Congressmen
J. Tom Coleman 1950 Government: State-State Senators
Gene W. Milner 1950 Business: Presidents
Cecil J. Silas 1953 Business: Presidents
Sam Nunn Jr. 1960 Government: Fed-Senators

Georgia Gamma - Mercer University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Charles L. Moses 1872 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Pinckney D. Pollock 1879 Education: Presidents
William J. Nunnally 1881 Government: State-State Assemblymen
William Pickard 1884 Education: Presidents
James W. Overstreet 1891 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Thomas Hardwick 1892 Gov: Fed-Senators. Gov: Fed-Congressmen. Gov: State-Gov.
Homer C. Parker 1907 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Dwight L. Rogers 1910 Government: Fed-Congressmen
John C. Lewis 1915 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Rufus C. Harris 1917 Education: Presidents
Walter P. Binns 1918 Education: College President
William A. Bootle 1924 Gov: Fed-Fed Court
Edward Hurst 1938 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Walter B. Williams Jr. 1938 Government: State-State Senators
D. Douglas Barnard 1943 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Phil Walden 1962 Entertainment: Music
Michael von Bremen 1979 Government: State-State Senators

Idaho Alpha - University of Idaho
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Burton L. French 1901 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
William E. Lee 1901 Gov: State-State Supreme Court
Robert L. Ghormley 1903 Military: Generals/Admirals
Ross E. Rowell 1907 Military: Generals/Admirals
Loren Brown 1911 Canadian Government. Military: "Fighting Phis"
Donald Kirk David 1916 Education: Presidents
Harry O. McDougall 1917 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
Charles M. Ankcorn 1917 Military: Generals/Admirals. Dist. Serv. Cross
William Widnall 1926 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Lawrence H. Chamberlain 1928 Education: Presidents
Walker R. Young 1931 Education: Scholars
Gainford Mix 1933 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
William G. Robb 1933 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Dwight "Red" Morrison 1955 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Wayne Walker 1958 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
James E. Risch 1965 Gov: State-Governors
Brad Little 1979 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers

Illinois Alpha - Northwestern University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William A. Lord 1860 Military: Generals/Admirals
M. Edward Fawcett 1892 Education: Religion
Ralph Percy Lewis 1895 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Charles De Leuw 1912 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
Charles "Chuck" Evans 1913 Sports: Other-Golf
John Henry Balch 1920 Military: Medal of Honor
John D. Pusey 1927 Art and Architecture
Edwin M. Martin 1929 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Howard Packard 1932 Business: Presidents
Eddie Firestone 1944 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Jeffery Hunter 1950 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Dan Kloeppel 1970 Military: Generals/Admirals
Mike Adamle 1971 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Rob Dean 1977 Sports: Olympics
John Kidd 1984 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Steve Tasker 1985 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Benoit Denizet Lewis 1994 Literature: Distinguished Writers
Matt Grevers 2007 Sports: Olympics

Illinois Beta - University of Chicago
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Christian C. Kohlsaat 1867 Gov: Fed-Fed Court
George B. Swift 1869 Gov't: State-Mayor
Harold Ickes 1897 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Evarts Ambrose Graham 1905 Medicine
Jesse Harper 1907 Sports: College Football Coach
Carl James 1951 Sports: Other-College Football (Other)
Arthur R. Robinson 1913 Government: Fed-Senators
Hammond Birks 1919 Military: Generals/Admirals
Walter Jaeggi 1938 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Robert H. Lochner 1939 Media
Alex Seropian 1991 Entertainment Business

Illinois Delta - Knox College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Eugene Field 1872 Literature: Distinguished Writers
George W. Prince 1878 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
John Sanbur Phillips 1882 Literature: Editors
John L. Kennedy 1883 Government: Fed-Congressmen
William Lincoln Honnold 1890 Education-Scholars
William Mather Lewis 1900 Education: Presidents. Gov: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Bill Essick 1903 Sports: Baseball-Executives
Kellogg D. McClelland 1905 Education: Presidents
Harry R. Archer 1907 Entertainment: Music
Toliver M. Downing 1913 Government: State-State Senators
Robert B. Chiperfield 1922 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Russell Freeburg 1945 Literature: Editors

Illinois Epsilon - Illinois Wesleyan University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Louis Fitzhenry 1897 Gov: Fed-Congressmen. Gov: Fed-Federal Court
Lindley H. Hadley 1884 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Richard Henry Little 1895 Literature: Editors

Illinois Zeta - Lombard College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
John C. Sherwin 1862 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Edwin Conger 1862 Gov: Fed-Foreign Envoys. Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Allen Moore 1889 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Ken Carpenter 1921 Entertainment: Radio
Willis Potts 1927 Medicine

Illinois Eta - University of Illinois, Champaign
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William J. Fulton 1898 Government: State-Supreme Court
Justa Lindgren 1902 Sports: Football-College Coaches
Charles Bowen Busey 1908 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Frank Benitz 1911 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Frank D. Murphy 1912 Sports: Olympics
1913 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
Harry Darby 1917 Government: Fed-Senators
Theodore Parmelee 1935 Art and Architecture
L. Emmerson Ward 1939 Medicine
William H. Swisher 1941 Military: Navy Cross
George M. C. Fisher 1962 Business: Presidents
Roger Ebert 1964 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
Jon Corzine 1969 Government: Fed-Senators

Indiana Alpha - Indiana University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Daniel Read 1824 (Alumnus Initiate) Education: Presidents
Jacob Ammen 1830 (Alumnus Initiate) Military: Generals/Admirals
Samuel E. Perkins 1830 (Alumnus Initiate) Government: State-Supreme Court
George Augustus Bicknell 1831 (Alumnus Initiate) Gov't: Fed-Congressman
Robert Milligan 1840 (Alumnus Initiate) Education: Presidents
Theodore Read 1854 Military: Generals/Admirals
Eli Long 1855 Military: Generals/Admirals
Arthur C. Mellette 1864 Gov: State-Governors
John W. Foster 1855 Gov: Fed-Executive Cabinet. Gov: Fed-Foreign Envoys. Military: Generals/Admirals
Henry Lester Smith 1886 Education-Scholars
Ralph Bamberger 1891 Government: State-Assemblymen
Elwood P. Cubberly 1891 Education: Presidents
William F. Book 1900 Education-Scholars
Paul Ramsey Hawley 1912 Medicine. Military: Generals/Admirals
Don Otto Herold 1912 Literature: Distinguished Writers
Sherman Minton 1915 Gov: Fed-Senators. Gov: Fed-Supreme Court
Edwin Patrick 1916 Military: Dis. Service Cross. Military: Generals/Admirals
Burton Woolery 1916 Military: "Fighting Phis"
James H. Pierce 1920 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Dick Wehr 1948 Sports: Pro Basketball
David Rogers 1950 Government: State-State Senators
Dorman R. Hertzer 1964 Medicine
Ken Sitzberger 1964 Sports: Olympics
Tom Nowatzke 1965 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Bobby Windle 1966 Sports: Olympics
David Perkowski 1968 Sports: Olympics
Charlie Hickcox 1969 Sports: Olympics

Indiana Beta - Wabash College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William A. Woods 1859 Gov: Fed-Federal Court
Andrew H. Hamilton 1855 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
John C. Black 1862 Gov: Fed-Exec Cab. Gov: Fed-Congressmen. Military: Medal of Honor. Military: Generals/Admirals
Joseph R. Webster 1862 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
John J. P. Blinn 1863 Military: "Fighting Phis"
William P. Black 1864 Military: Medal of Honor
Theodore H. Ristine 1865 Gov: State-State Senators
John Allen 1867 Government: Fed-Senators
Joseph V. Graff 1876 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Raymond Willis 1896 Gov: Fed-Senators
William Henry Hays 1900 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
Herbert Hice Whetzel 1902 Education-Scholars
Byron Price 1912 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet. Media. Military: "Fighting Phis"
H. Merle Cochran 1913 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Luther E. Ellis 1914 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
James J. Pirtle 1918 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
Charles La Follete 1920 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
David "Dave" C. Gerard 1932 Art and Architecture
Earl Johnson 1938 Military: Generals/Admirals
Robert E. Allen 1957 Business: Presidents
Luke Messer 1991 Gov: Fed-Congressman

Indiana Gamma - Butler University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Platt J. Squier 1860 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Preston A. Davidon 1861 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Addison S. Harris 1862 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
John Randolph Spears 1872 Literature: Writers
Hilton U. Brown 1880 Literature: Editors
Martin Morrison 1883 Gov: Fed-Executive Cabinet. Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Hugh T. Miller 1888 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
Robert L. Moorhead 1896 Government: State-State Senators
George A. Davis 1906 Military: Generals/Admirals
Robert F. Pitts 1928 Medicine
J. Russell Townsend 1931 Government: State-State Senators
William Bina Johnson 1938 Education-Scholars
A. Byron Reed 1939 Business: Presidents
Jerry Steiner 1940 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Bob Dietz 1941 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Clifford H. Maschmeyer 1943 Government: State-State Senators
Eugene B. Leedy Jr. 1958 Military: Generals/Admirals

Indiana Delta - Franklin College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William S. Holman 1840 Gov: Fed-Congressman
Thomas J. Morgan 1861 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet. Military: Generals/Admirals
Genio Lambertson 1872 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Francis M. Griffith 1874 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
George Banta 1876 Business: Company Founders
William V. Coffin 1877 Education-Presidents
Edward Luther Stevenson 1881 Literature: Distinguished Writers
Thomas Noble Sr. 1887 Medicine
Otis William Caldwell 1894 Education: Scholars
Arnold Bennet Hall 1904 Business: Presidents
Charles Jewett 1906 Gov: State-Mayors
Elmer Davis 1910 Gov: Fed-Executive Cabinet. Media. Military: "Fighting Phis"
Roger Branigin 1923 Gov: State-Governors
Wayne Coy 1924 Gov: Executive Cabinet
James Pease 1936 Entertainment: Music
Robert Wise 1936 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
Terry Hoeppner 1969 Sports: Football-College Coaches
Bill Unsworth 1971 Sports: Football-College Coaches

Indiana Epsilon - Hanover College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Amos W. Butler 1881 Education-Scholars
William Chalmers 1885 Education: Religion
William T. Morrison 1886 Literature: Editors
Thomas M. Honan 1889 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
Lawrence Gordon 1946 Military: Generals/Admirals
Robert T. Copple 1953 Military: Dis. Service Cross

Indiana Zeta - DePauw University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Samuel H. Elrod 1882 Gov: State-Governors
James H. Wilkerson 1889 Gov: Fed-Fed Court
Will M. Sparks 1896 Gov: Fed-Fed Court
John Elmer Thomas 1900 Gov: Fed-Senators. Gov: Fed-Congressmen
George R. Throop 1901 Education: Presidents
Thomas L Holland 1902 Military: Generals/Admirals
Lawrence H. Sloan 1912 Literature: Editors
Wilfred Smith 1919 Literature: Editors
Edwin R. Boldrey 1927 Medicine
William L. Springer 1931 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
George Richard Turner 1932 Art and Architecture
John D. Millett 1933 Education: Presidents
Jed Williams Pearson 1934 Medicine
Mark Roesler 1978 Entertainment: Entertainment Business
John C. Feld 1984 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers

Indiana Theta - Purdue University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
J. Clifford Turpin 1908 Air and Space
Elijah W. Worsham 1908 Military: Dist. Service Cross
Burdett S. Wright 1915 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
Donald W. Brann 1917 Military: Generals/Admirals
Edward Elliot 1936 Education: College President
Gene Anderson 1939 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
James Lou Brock 1940 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Dick Barwegan 1945 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Edwin "Eddie" Ehlers 1945 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Ken Gorgal 1950 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Neil Armstrong 1955 Air and Space
Joel Getz 2007 Military: "Fighting Phis"

Indiana Iota - Valparaiso University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Fred "Fuzzy" Thurston 1956 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Jim Wacker 1959 Sports: Football-College Coaches

Iowa Alpha - Iowa Wesleyan College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Thomas Nixon Carver 1887 Education-Scholars
Harry Ward Gardner 1911 Government: State-State Senators
Clifford H. Buck 1922 Sports: Olympics
Joseph C. Hinsey 1922 Medicine
Albert I. Lodwick 1925 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Paul S. Gerot 1926 Business: Presidents
Malcom E. Garrison 1932 Military: Navy Cross
Bill Butler 1943 Entertainment: Cinematographer
Harry Kalas 1959 Sports: Baseball-Hall of Fame
John Niland 1966 Sports: Football-Prominent Players

Iowa Beta - University of Iowa
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Will Melville Garton 1896 Military: Gen/Adm. Medicine
Maxwell O'Brien 1914 Military: Generals/Admirals
Vern Lisle 1928 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Forrest Twogood 1929 Sports: Basketball-College Coaches
William Cassidy 1934 Military: Generals/Admirals
Norman E. Erbe 1947 Governors
Charles Horner 1958 Military: Generals/Admirals

Iowa Gamma - Iowa State University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Carl Lindeman 1930 Business: Presidents
Berkley Bedell 1944 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
William Fogarty 1958 Military: Generals/Admirals
James Ruliffson 1959 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Chuck Lamson 1961 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Charles Knapp 1967 Education: Presidents
Scott Stanzel 1995 Gov't: Federal: Exec.

Iowa Delta - Drake University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Mark DeCarlo 1984 Entertainment: Movies & Television

Kansas Alpha - University of Kansas
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William S. Franklin 1887 Education-Scholars
Edward C. Franklin 1888 Education-Scholars
Vernon Lyman Kellogg 1889 Education-Scholars
Frederick Funston 1890 Military: Medal of Honor. Military: Generals/Admirals
William Allen White 1890 Literature: Distinguished Writers
Walter O. Woods 1894 Government: Fed-Executive Branch
John H. Outland 1898 Sports: Awards Named After Phis
Brock Pemberton 1908 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
Roland E. Boynton 1914 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
William Lindsey White 1922 Media
Stanley Learned 1924 Business: Presidents
James O'Bryan 1924 Art and Architecture
Bernard Gulfer 1925 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Francis V. Russell 1925 Government: Fed-Executive Branch
Richard D. Wentworth 1925 Military: Generals/Admirals
Robert H. Mize Jr. 1928 Education: Religion
William "Skinny" Johnson 1933 Sports: Basketball-Hall of Fame
Chester L. Mize 1939 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Eugene Conklin 1946 Military: Navy Cross Recipient/TD>
Bill Lienhard 1952 Sports: Olympics
Ron Franz 1967 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Tom Dinkel 1978 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Kurt Knoff 1978 Sports: Football-Prominent Players

Kansas Beta - Washburn University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Howard Searle 1914 Military: Generals/Admirals
Arthur Champeny 1916 Military: Dis. Service Cross. Military: Generals/Admirals
Harwood O. Benton 1917 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Donald R. Heath 1917 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Clarence T. Edwinson 1933 Military: Generals/Admirals. Olympics
Dr. Richard E. Davis 1947 Business: Company Founders
Don Bobo 1964 Business: Presidents
James Slattery 1970 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Ron Thornburgh 1985 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers

Kansas Gamma - Kansas State, University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
George R. Moses 1925 Military: Generals/Admirals
Bernard Rogers 1943 Military: Generals/Admirals
John R. McKone 1954 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Donald Prigmore 1954 Business: Presidents

Kansas Delta - Wichita State, University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Garner E. Shriver 1934 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Dean Hargrove 1960 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
Gary Bender 1962 Media

Kentucky Alpha - Centre College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Charles S. Morhead 1822 Government: State Governor
Charles Henry Lewis 1853 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
William George 1855 Military: "Fighting Phis"
John F. Philips 1855 Government: Fed-Congressmen. Military: Generals/Admirals
Joseph C. Blackburn 1857 Gov: Fed-Senators. Gov: Fed-Congressmen. Gov: State-Governors
William L. Dulaney 1857 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Thomas W. Bullitt 1858 Military: "Fighting Phis"
James S. Ewing 1858 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
James B. Bullitt 1860 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Adlai Stevenson 1860 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet. Gov: Fed-Congressmen
John W. Lewis 1862 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Thomas M. Paschal 1866 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Samuel J. Pugh 1873 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Charles McChord 1880 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Allen Gullion 1901 Military: Generals/Admirals
William B. Ardery 1909 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Frederick Vinson 1909 Gov: Fed-Congressmen. Gov: Fed-Supreme Court
Calvin Richards 1911 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
S. King Swope 1914 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
William J. Marshall 1924 Military: Generals/Admirals
Leslie Combs 1925 Sports: Horse Racing
Frank L. Chelf 1930 Gov: Fed-Congressmen

Kentucky Beta - Kentucky Military Institute
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Henry V. Boynton 1858 Military: Medal of Honor. Military: Generals/Admirals

Kentucky Epsilon - University of Kentucky, Lexington
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Edmund D. Almy 1904 Military: Navy Cross
Thomas Underwood 1919 Gov: Fed-Senators. Gov: Fed-Congressmen
R. Jack Tingle 1947 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Wallace Jones 1949 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball. Olympics
John Y. Brown 1956 Business: Company Founders. Gov: State-Governors, Sports-Basketball-Executives

Louisana Alpha - Tulane University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Wat Cluvierius 1895 Military: Generals/Admirals
Louis Fortier 1912 Military: Generals/Admirals
William Dudley III 1951 Sports: Olympics

Louisanna Beta - Louisianna State University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Alvin Dark 1945 Sports: Baseball-Players

Maine Alpha - Colby College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Nathan R. Patterson 1911 Business: Presidents
Elbridge Ross 1936 Sports: Olympics
Whitney Wright 1937 Military: Navy Cross
Clare Purcell 1973 Business: Presidents

Manitoba Alpha - University of Manitoba
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Robert Alton Emerson 1930 Business: Presidents
William Benickson 1932 Canadian Government
Horace George Yelland 1936 Military: "Fighting Phis"
F. Ross Johnson 1952 Business: Presidents

Maryland Alpha - University of Maryland
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Richard M. Lee 1940 Military: Generals/Admirals
DeWitt C. Smith 1943 Military: Generals/Admirals
Dick Nolan 1955 Sports: Football-Coaches. Sports: Football-Prominent Players
John R. Apel 1957 Education-Scholars
Robert Calhoun 1957 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
Vernon Tate 1961 Military: Generals/Admirals
Jim Muldoon 1966 Sports: Other
Gary Williams 1968 Sports: Basketball-College Coaches
Billy Van Huesen 1969 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Ralph Friedgen 1970 Sports: Football-College Coaches
Alan B. Golacinski 1972 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Mike Tice 1985 Sports: Football-Coaches
Adam M. Hasner 1991 Government: State-State Assemblymen

Maryland Beta - Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College)
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Michael Benitez 1982 Medicine
Frank Kravotil 1990 Govt: Fed-Congressmen

Massachusetts Alpha - Williams College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Joseph B. Ely 1902 Gov: State-Governors
Gilbert Horrax 1909 Medicine
Charles A. Jones 1909 Government: State-Federal Court
H. Ladd Plumley 1925 Government: Fed-Executive
William H. Eaton Jr. 1928 Military: Generals/Admirals
C. Burke Elbrick 1929 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Albert H. Coons 1933 Medicine
Charles E. Goodell 1949 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Kevin White 1952 Gov: State-Mayors

Massachusetts Beta - Amherst College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Sherwin Cody 1889 Literature: Distinguished Writers
Talbot Faulkner Hamlin 1910 Literature: Distinguished Writers
Kenneth Shrewsbury 1914 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Walter Hendricks 1917 Education: Presidents
Franklin Charles Thomas 1942 Military: Navy Cross

Massachusetts Gamma - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Herman H. Scott 1930 Education: Scholars
Harry Weese 1938 Art and Architecture
Patrick Winston 1965 Education: Scholars
Adam Riess 1992 Education: Scholars

Michigan Alpha - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Roy D. Chapin 1903 Business: Presidents. Gov: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Carroll Haff 1913 Sports: Olympics
Joe C. Foster 1927 Government: State-State Senators
Thomas Burton Adams Jr. 1940 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
Tom Harmon 1941 Sports: Football-Heisman Trophy Winner
Emil Lockwood 1941 Government: State-State Senator
Al Wistert 1942 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
John Greene 1944 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Roger Smith 1946 Business: Presidents
Robert C. Hollway 1950 Sports: Football: Coaches
Harold "Tubby" Raymond 1950 Sports: Football-College Coaches
Kaye W. Stinson 1952 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
John T. Buck 1954 Military: Generals/Admirals
Bob James 1961 Entertainment: Music

Michigan Beta - Michigan State University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William James Beal 1859 Education: Scholars
Frank Kedzie 1877 Education: Presidents
William F. Durand 1880 Air and Space
Liberty Hyde Bailey 1882 Education: Scholars
Ray Stannard Baker 1889 Literature: Distinguished Writers
Hugh Potter Baker 1901 Education-Presidents
Truman Yuncker 1914 Education-Scholars
Charles Leighton 1942 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Chuck Spieser 1949 Sports: Olympics
William Teifel 1956 Business: Presidents
Jerry Best 1959 Business: Presidents
Bob Cook 1970 Media
Chris Hansen Media 1981

Minnesota Alpha - University of Minnesota
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
James Gray 1885 Gov't: State-Mayor
William J. Donahower 1889 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
Fred L. Hovde 1929 Education: Presidents
Clifford Sommer 1932 Business: Presidents
James E. Robison 1937 Business-Presidents
William H. Burgess 1939 Business: Presidents
Dick Wildung 1943 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Harry "Bud" Grant 1950 Sports: Football: Hall of Fame. Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Gordie Soltau 1950 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
James Ramstad 1968 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
David Turner 1970 Education: Religion
Jeff Wright 1971 Sports: Football-Prominent Players

Mississippi Alpha - University of Mississippi
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
James Z. George 1844 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Edward Cary Walthall 1848 (Alumnus Initiate) Fed Govt: Senator. Military: Gen.
Hiram Casey Young 1852 (Alumnus Initiate) Government: Fed-Congressmen
Monroe McClurg 1878 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
Wilson S. Hill 1884 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Charles P. Hall 1884 Military: Dis. Service Cross. Military: Generals/Admirals
Samuel Witherspoon 1898 Government: Fed-Congressmen
William A. McCain 1899 Military: Generals/Admirals
Rosser Collins 1901 Government: Fed-Congressmen
John McCain 1905 Military: Navy Cross. Military: Generals/Admirals
W.T. "Billie" Wynn 1912 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Cornell Sydney Franklin 1913 Government: Fed-Federal Court
Morgan G. Roseborough 1940 Military: Generals/Admirals
William Winter 1944 Gov: State-Governors
Robert P. Hilton 1948 Military: Generals/Admirals
Charles G. Cooper 1949 Military: Generals/Admirals
John N. Palmer 1954 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Lee D. Thames 1958 Military: Generals/Admirals
Bobby Franklin 1960 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Robert C. Khayat 1960 Education: Presidents
Benjamin L. Harrison 1961 Military: Generals/Admirals
Ralph Doxey 1972 Government: State-State Senators
John Flemming 1972 Government: Congressman
Tate Taylor 1991 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers

Missouri Alpha - University of Missouri
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Overton Gentry Ellis 1883 Government: State-Federal Court
William J. Spillman 1886 Education-Scholars
William Emmet Smith 1897 Literature: Editors
Robert T. Haines 1889 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
Thomas J. J. See 1889 Air and Space
Guy A. Thompson 1895 Education-Scholars
Jouett Shouse 1899 Gov: Fed-Executive Cabinet. Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Carl Crow 1907 Literature: Distinguished Writers
Fred R. Williams 1908 Government: State-Federal Court
Robert Cary 1912 Military: Medal of Honor. Military: Navy Cross. Military: Generals/Admirals
Orin Cody Fowler 1915 Education-Scholars
James M. Kemper 1916 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Howard Rusk 1923 Medicine
John McLaughlin 1925 Military: Generals/Admirals
R. Newton Laughlin 1926 Business: Presidents
William Harrison 1932 Military: Generals/Admirals
Edward L. Jenkins 1934 Military: Generals/Admirals
Thomas H. Jenkins 1936 Military: Generals/Admirals. Navy Cross
Warren E. Hearnes 1943 Governors
Walter G. Stanley 1952 Sports: Olympics
Med Park 1955 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Bill Tobin 1963 Sports: Football: Eexecutives
Keith Weber 1984 Sports: Olympics

Missouri Beta - Westminster College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Frederick Hinitt 1892 Business: Company Founders
Harry Vaughn 1916 Military: Generals/Admirals
John Jarman 1936 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Kieth Compton 1937 Military: Generals/Admirals. Dist. Serv. Cross
John Porter Gray 1937 Military: Dis. Navy Cross
John H. Hay Jr. 1939 Military: Generals/Admirals
Thomas M. Tarpley 1943 Military: Generals/Admirals
Ted Shackelford 1968 Entertainment: Movies & Television

Missouri Delta - St. Louis University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Michael Bidwill 1953 Sports: Football
Eric Yoder 2003 Entertainment: Music

Missouri Gamma - Washington University - St. Louis
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William H. Danforth 1892 Business: Company Founders
Lockett G. Coleman 1898 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Dwight F. Davis 1899 Gov: Fed-Executive Cabinet. Gov: State-Governors. Military: Dis. Service Cross. Military: Generals/Admirals. Sports: Others-Tennis
Xenophon Wilfley 1899 Government: Fed-Senators
Alexander R. Skinker 1905 Military: Medal of Honor
Francis P. Hardaway 1909 Military: Generals/Admirals
Edward H. Price 1917 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
Harold "Muddy" Ruel 1921 Sports: Baseball-Players
Edward Glion Curtis Jr. 1930 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Howard Morgens 1931 Business: Presidents

Missouri Theta - Northwest Missouri State University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Chris Cagle 1990 Entertainment: Music Industry

Montana Alpha - University of Montana
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Wendell Niles 1927 Entertainment: Radio
Ken Niles 1928 Entertainment: Radio
Vern Haugland 1931 Media
Forest Anderson 1937 State Governor
Mike Dennehy 1972 Sports: Football-College Coaches

Nebraska Alpha - University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Willis Sweet 1879 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Joel Stebbins 1899 Air and Space
Burt D. Whedon 1900 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Herbert Johnson 1903 Art and Architecture
Charles F. McLaughlin 1908 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Amost Thomas 1909 Military: Generals/Admirals
Lewis R. Anderson 1912 Sports: Olympics
Wesley Long Mays 1931 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Clark Faulkner 1940 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Mark W. Woods 1940 Military: Generals/Admirals
Fred Metheny 1943 Military: Dis. Service Cross
James B. Milliken 1979 Education: College Presidents

New York Alpha - Cornell University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Hughie Jennings 1904 Sports: Baseball-Hall of Fame
Maurice Wilton Howe 1916 Militar: Dist. Service Cross
James McLamore 1942 Business: Company Founders
Barber Conable Jr. 1943 Business: Presidents. Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Kevin Reilly 1984 Entertainment:Producers, Writers, Directors
Steve McPherson 1986 Entertainment:Producers, Writers, Directors
Jamie Murray 2001 Entertainment: Movies & Television

New York Beta - Union College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Robert Patterson 1912 Gov: Fed-Executive Cabinet. Military: Dis. Service Cross
Daniel P. Loomis 1925 Business: Presidents
Thomas H. A. Lewis 1926 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Herman A. Haus 1949 Education-Scholars
Neil Abercrombie 1959 Gov't: Federal

New York Gamma - College of the City of New York
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Julius Mayer 1884 Gov: Fed-Fed Court
Francis Winslow 1887 Gov: Fed-Fed Court

New York Delta - Columbia University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Frederick A. Goetze 1895 Education: Scholars
R. Crosby Gaige 1903 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
John L. Tonnele 1905 Art & Architecture
Donald D. Armstrong 1909 Military: Generals/Admirals
Arthur Swanstrom 1911 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
William B. Murray 1911 Entertainment: Entertainment Business
Edwin McNeil 1916 Military: Generals/Admirals
Walter Reed 1916 Military: Generals/Admirals
Robert L. Rockwell 1917 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Louis Bromfield 1920 Literature: Distinguished Writers
Guy I. Burch 1924 Education: Scholars
Lou Gehrig 1925 Sports: Baseball-Hall of Fame
Bernard M. Shanley 1925 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Lincoln A. Werden 1925 Sports: Olympics/Other-Golf
John M. Braisted Jr. 1927 Government: State-State Senators
John C. Oestreicher 1927 Media

New York Epsilon - Syracuse University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Dwight James Baum 1909 Art and Architecture
Paul T. Crosby 1913 Military: Navy Cross
F. Story Musgrave 1958 Air and Space
Art Thoms 1969 Sports: Football-Prominent Players

New York Zeta - Colgate University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Ernie Vandeweghe 1949 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
James Courter 1963 Government: Fed-Congressmen

New Hampshire Alpha - Dartmouth College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Edwin Osgood Grover 1894 Literature: Distinguished Writers
Charles K. Woodbridge 1904 Business: Presidents
Russell Cowles 1909 Artist
Walter Miller 1917 Military: Generals/Admirals
Werner Janssen 1921 Entertainment: Music
Harry S. Ackerman 1935 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
David C. Schilling 1936 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
Bill Beutel 1953 Media
John Colenback 1957 Entertainment: Actor
Erich Kunzel 1957 Entertainment: Music

New Mexico Alpha - University of New Mexico
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
James B. Noland 1949 Government: Federal-Foreign Envoys
John K. Davis 1951 Military: Generals/Admirals
William C. Hook 1970 Art and Architecture
Donald Gibb 1976 Entertainment: Movies & Television

North Carolina Alpha - Duke University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Liston Pope 1929 Education: Religion
Daniel K. Edwards 1935 Gov: Mayors. Military:"Fighting Phis"
Julian J. Ewell 1936 Military: Dis. Service Cross. Military: Generals/Admirals
Connie Mack Jr. 1936 Sports: Baseball-Executives/Managers
Harry S. Etter 1937 Military: Generals/Admirals
William Manley Thompson 1941 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Bob Gant 1944 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
G. Denman Hammond 1944 Medicine
Frank Tripet 1949 Literature: Editors
Carl James 1951 Sports: Other-College Football (Other)
Reynolds Price 1955 Literature: Distinguished Writers
Gary L. Wilson 1962 Business: Presidents
Peter Nicholas 1964 Business: Company Founders
J. Mike Curtis 1965 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Bob Matheson 1967 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Mike Lewis 1968 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Ed Newman 1973 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Hilarian Martinez 1976 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Bradley Byrne 1977 Government: Congressman
William "Bill" K. Bryan 1977 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Adam Silver 1984 Sports: Basketball

North Carolina Beta - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William H. Lee 1904 Military: Navy Cross
John S. Calvert 1906 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Osborne Hardison 1911 Military: Navy Cross. Military: Generals/Admirals
Harold D. Cooley 1918 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Charles G. Tennent 1918 Education: Researchers & Scholars
Frank Ertel Carlyle 1920 Government: Fed-Congressmen
E. Clifton Daniel 1933 Literature: Editors
Ramsey Potts 1938 Military: Generals. Dis. Serv. Cross
James Pritchett 1944 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Moulton Lee Adams 1945 Art and Architecture
James Broyhill 1950 Gov: Fed-Senators. Gov: Fed-Congressmen
T.R. Kinnebrew 1950 Military: Generals/Admirals
Richard Vinroot 1963 Gov: State-Mayors
Mercer Reynolds III 1967 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Dave Colescott 1980 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball

North Carolina Delta - North Carolina State University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Brett Claywell 2000 Entertainment: Movies & Television

North Carolina Gamma - Davidson College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
John P. McKnight 1928 Media
Glenn Terrell Jr. 1942 Education: Presidents
William Styron 1946 Literature: Distinguished Writers
James H. Daughdrill 1956 Education-Presidents
James Holhouser 1956 Govt:State, Governors
Jason McManus 1956 Literature: Editors
Wyche Fowler 1962 Gov: Fed-Senators. Gov: Fed-Congressmen

North Dakota Alpha - University of North Dakota
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Melvin A. Brannon 1889 Company: Presidents
Patrick D. Norton 1897 Government: Fed-Congressmen
William F. Lemke 1903 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Ragnavald Nestos 1904 Gov: State-Gov.
Olger Burton Burgess 1906 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Sveinbjorn Johnson 1906 Government: State-Federal Court
James F. T. O'Connor 1907 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Howard Huston 1918 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Edward K. Thompson 1927 Literature: Editors
Keith Grimson 1930 Medicine
John E. Fields 1935 Media
Thomas D. Sollom 1941 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Bob Peters 1960 Sports: Other

Nova Scotia Alpha - Dalhouise University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Victor Oland 1933 Canadian Government
Caldwell Stewart 1934 Canadian Government
John H. Dickey 1940 Canadian Government
C. Peter McColough 1943 Business: Presidents
Gerald A. Regan 1952 Canadian Government
Lorne Clark 1954 Canadian Government
Walter R. Fitzgerald 1959 Canadian Government
Michael Kirby 1961 Canadian Government
George T. H. Cooper 1962 Canadian Government

Ohio Alpha - Miami University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Nathan Lewis Rice 1827 (Alumnus Initiate) Education: Religion
Orange Nash Stoddard 1834 (Alumnus Initiate) College: Presidents
Benjamin Harrison 1852 Gov: Fed-Executive Cabinet. Gov: Fed-Senators. Military: Generals/Admirals
Alexander P. Stewart 1852 (Alumnus Initiate) Military: Generals
David Swing 1852 Education: Religion
John A. Anderson 1853 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Thomas B. Ward 1855 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Alston Ellis 1867 College: Presidents
Edwin Emerson 1889 Military: "Fighting Phis"
John E. Hull 1917 Military: Generals/Admirals
Weeb Ewbank 1928 Sports: Football: Hall of Fame
James A. Gordon 1931 Sports: Olympics
Vernon I. Cheadle 1932 College: Presidents
Paul H. Smucker 1939 Business: Presidents
Bob Brown 1946 Sports: Pro Basketball
John Smale 1949 Business: Presidents
Louis H. Buehl 1954 Military: Generals/Admirals
William Mulliken 1960 Sports: Olympics
Thomas F. Barnum 1961 Business: Presidents
Bruce L. Downey 1969 Business: Presidents
James Steeg 1972 Sports: Football: Eexecutives

Ohio Beta - Ohio Wesleyan University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Cicero M. Idelman 1879 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
Guy Pottor Benton 1886 Education: Presidents
Walter E. Clark 1896 Business: Presidents. College: Presidents
Frank J. Proutt 1906 Education: Presidents
Arthur H. Sapp 1907 Education-Scholars
Ralph W. Sockman 1911 Education: Religion
Homer Kiefer 1921 Military: Generals/Admirals
Walter Havighurst 1923 Literature: Distinguished Writers
James J. Nance 1923 Business: Presidents
Elden T. Smith 1932 Education: Presidents
Ralph Ballantine 1941 Art and Architecture
Cliff Dochterman 1947 Education-Scholars
Fred L. Messersmith 1948 Art and Architecture
John Wesley Silk 1949 Literature: Editors
Barry Clemens 1965 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball

Ohio Gamma - Ohio University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Charles H. Grosvenor 1870 Gov: Fed-Congressman
Lucien J. Fenton 1872 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Emmett Tompkins 1874 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Thomas Alfred Jones 1881 Gov: State Supreme Court
Carr Van Anda 1885 Literature: Editors
Louis deSteiguer 1887 Military: Generals/Admirals
George DeCamp 1894 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Israel Foster 1895 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Timothy S. Hogan 1895 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
Arthur C. Johnson 1897 Literature: Editors
Jim McWilliams 1911 Entertainment: Radio
Frank Crumit 1912 Entertainment: Music
Wilbur McReynolds 1915 Military: Generals/Admirals
Frank Cavett 1937 Entertainment: Writer
Lewis C. Davis 1932 Business: Presidents
Arthur E. Lewis 1936 Sports: Football-College Coaches
Herm Weiss 1939 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
G. Merrit Preston 1939 Air and Space
Ritter Collett 1942 Sports: Baseball-Hall of Fame
James Crum 1952 Media
Larry L. Householder 1982 Government: State-State Assemblymen

Ohio Epsilon - University of Akron
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Albert C. White 1880 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Daniel R. Crissinger 1885 Government: Fed-Executive Branch
Frank S. Pixley 1887 Entertainment: Music
Parke R. Kolbe 1901 Education: Presidents
Frank W. Rostock 1902 Literature: Editors
Thomas W. Honeywill 1959 Military: Generals/Admirals
Wayland Holyfield 1963 Entertainment: Music
James T. Lenehan 1972 Business: Presidents
Dan Moldea 1972 Literature: Distinguished Writers

Ohio Zeta - Ohio State University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William McPherson 1887 Education: College Presidents
Charles G. Bond 1899 Government: Fed-Congressmen
George M. Trautman 1914 Sports: Baseball-Executives/Managers
Clarence Pontius 1915 Education: Presidents
John C. Sharp 1923 Business: Presidents
Russell Payne 1924 Sports: Olympics
Robert Ganger 1925 Business: Presidents
Francis Griswold 1928 Military: Dis. Service Cross. Military: Generals/Admirals
John Black 1932 Sports: Olympics
Tom Ervin 1932 Media
Stu Holcomb 1932 Sports: Football-College Coaches
Warren Whitlinger 1936 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
William Dye 1937 Sports: Basketball-College Coaches
Frank Stanton 1937 Media
Earl Thomas 1937 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Harry J. Sands Jr. 1938 Military: Generals/Admirals
Leonard Thom 1941 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Dean C. Miller 1946 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Dick Shrider 1948 Sports: Pro Basketball
Maurice C. Padden 1952 Military: Generals/Admirals
Dave Burba 1988 Sports: Baseball-Players
Nick Rozanski 1998 Military: "Fighting Phis"

Ohio Eta - Case Western Reserve University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Frank Herzegh 1930 Education-Scholars
Ray J. Mack 1938 Sports: Baseball-Players
Herm Weiss 1939 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Marc Anderson 1995 Military: "Fighting Phis"

Ohio Theta - University of Cincinnati
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Powell Crosely 1909 Business: Company Founders. Education: Researchers, Scholars. Sports-Baseball-Executives

Ohio Iota - Denison University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Carey Croneis 1922 Education: Presidents
Leonard Heaton 1923 Medicine. Military: Generals/Admirals

Ohio Kappa - Bowling Green University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
W. Harold Anderson 1951 Sports: Basketball Hall of Fame
Tim Conway 1956 Entertainment: Movies & Television
John "Jack" Harbaugh 1961 Sports: Football-College Coaches
Larry D. Smith 1962 Sports: Football-College Coaches
Michael Medders 2005 Military: "Fighting Phis"

Ohio Lambda - Kent State University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Chuck Conconi 1960 Literature: Editors

Ohio Mu - Ashland University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Jeg Coughlin 1992 Sports: Other-Car Rcing

Oklahoma Alpha - University of Oklahoma
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
T. Jack Foster 1924 Gov: State-Mayors
Van Heflin 1932 Entertainment: Movies & Television
M.M. Brisco 1934 Business: Presidents
Omar "Bud" Browning 1935 Sports: Olympics
Bryce Harlow 1936 Government: Fed-Executive
Leon Vance 1937 Military: Medal of Honor
W.F. Martin 1938 Business: Presidents
Bill Morris 1964 Sports: Olympics
Wayne Wells 1968 Sports: Olympics
Jack Mildren 1972 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers

Oklahoma Beta - Oklahoma State University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William E. Allen 1958 Business: Presidents
Joel Hefley 1959 Government: Fed-Congressmen

Ontario Alpha - University of Toronto
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William G. Swann 1906 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Henry Hague Davis 1907 Canadian Government
Armand Smith 1912 Military: Generals/Admirals
Louis O. Breithaupt 1913 Canadian Government
Colin Simpson 1916 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Leslie Blackwell 1923 Canadian Government
Douglas Catto 1923 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Orie L. Loucks 1953 Education-Scholars
John Trevor Eyton 1956 Canadian Government

Ontario Beta - University of Western Ontario
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
James Bartleman 1963 Canadian Government

Oregon Alpha - University of Oregon, Eugene
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Carson Bigbee 1916 Sports: Baseball-Executives/Managers
Clark W. Thompson 1918 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Merl L. Margason 1920 Medicine
Edwin R. Durno 1921 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Howard Hobson 1926 Sports: Basketball-College Coaches
Thomas Lawson McCall 1936 Gov: State-Governors
Lauren "Ladie" Gale 1939 Sports: Basketball-Hall of Fame
Robert Elliott 1940 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Charles H. Semon 1942 Military: "Fighting Phis"
David Jeremiah 1955 Military: Generals/Admirals
Roger Martin 1957 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Donald Simpson 1966 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers
Gunther Cunningham 1969 Sports: Football-Coaches
John W. Marshall 1969 Sports: Football-Coaches

Oregon Beta - Oregon State University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
George W. Peavy 1895 Education: Presidents
Robert Earl Riley 1912 Gov: State-Mayors
Douglas McKay 1917 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Webley Edwards 1927 Media
Don B. Dunham 1932 Military: Dis. Service Cross
John L. Dufrane Jr. 1932 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Dallas C. Ward 1937 Sports: Football-College Coaches
Ike "Slim" Wintermute 1939 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Douglas McKay 1941 Gov: State-Governors
Richard A. Miller 1945 Military: Generals/Admirals
Ephraim "Red" Rocha 1947 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Bill L. Austin 1949 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Thomas Hartung 1950 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Thomas Faught Jr. 1951 Business: Presidents, Fed. Gov.
L.H. Sam Baker 1953 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Jay Carty 1962 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Terry Baker 1963 Sports: Football-Heisman Trophy Winner
Rich Brooks 1963 Sports: Football-Coaches. Sports: Football-College Coaches

Pennsylvania Alpha - Lafayette College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Alexander Ramsey 1836 (Alumnus Initiate) Gov.: State-Governors. Gov: Fed-Senators. Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Alexander McClure 1843 (Alumnus Initiate) Military: "Fighting Phis". Education
Charles Jefferson Wright 1861 (Alumnus Initiate) Education: Scholars
John T. Morrison 1880 Gov: State-Gov.
Edgar Jadwin 1888 Military: Generals/Admirals
Wallace McCamant 1888 Government: State-Federal Court
Francis E. Walter 1916 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Arthur Walk 1917 Military: Generals/Admirals
Charles F. Berry 1925 Sports: Baseball-Players
Brian O'Neill 1933 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
Robert Arnold 1937 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Thomas B. Tyree 1947 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Robert Edwards 1960 Military: "Fighting Phis"

Pennsylvania Beta - Gettysburg College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Albert Samuel Cook 1895 Education: Scholars
Paul Dunbar 1904 Government: Fed - Executive Cabinet
Frederick Muhlenberg 1908 Government: Fed-Congressmen. Military: Distinguished Service Cross
Levering Tyson 1910 Education: College Presidents
Millard E. Gladfelter 1925 Education: College President

Pennsylvania Gamma - Washington and Jefferson College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Simon S. Baker 1892 College: Presidents
Willam R. Farmer 1892 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
Horace W. Davis 1905 Business: Presidents
Heber R. Harper 1910 College: Presidents
Maxwell M. Hamilton 1918 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Francis W. Chapin 1921 Art and Architecture
Charles Booth 1941 Military: Dis. Service Cross

Pennsylvania Delta - Allegheny College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William Preston Beazell 1897 Literature: Editors
Andrew W. Robertson 1906 Business: Presidents
Heber R. Harper 1910 Education: Presidents
William Stidger 1910 Education: Religion
Thomas Francis 1921 Medicine
Robert J. Corbett 1927 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Seymour Smith 1938 Education: College President
Robert B. Appleyard 1940 Education: Religion
Lloyd Segan 1998 Entertainment: Producers, Directors, Writers

Pennsylvania Epsilon - Dickinson College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William Weidman Landis 1891 Education-Scholars
Jacob B. Kurtz 1893 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Charles W. Burns 1896 Education: Religion
Edmund D. Soper 1898 Education: Presidents
Thomas D. Taggart 1923 Gov: State-Mayors
Edward J. Bonin 1933 Government: Fed-Congressmen

Pennsylvania Zeta - University of Pennsylvania
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
George Post Wheeler 1894 Gov.-Executive: Foreign Envoys
Joel Hildebrand 1903 Education-Scholars
Alfred D. Oliphant 1912 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Brenton G. Wallace 1913 Military: Generals/Admirals
Paul F. Clark 1914 Business: Presidents
William Swingle 1915 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
E. Burke Wilford Jr. 1922 Air and Space
Wilson T. Hobson 1924 Sports: Olympics
Thornton "Pete" Martin 1924 Literature: Editors
Ed Grafmueller 1924 Sports: Table Tennis
Hulett Carlson Smith 1938 Gov: State-Governors

Pennsylvania Eta - Lehigh University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Edward Avery McIlhenny 1894 Education-Scholars
Raymond K. Stritzinger 1910 Business: Presidents
Frank S. Borden 1911 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Paul B. Reinhold 1913 Business: Company Presidents
Kyle Crichton 1917 Literature: Editors

Pennsylvania Theta - Penn State University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Thomas C. Blaisdell Jr. 1916 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Charles C. Smith 1916 Business: Company Presidents
Harvey B. Jordan 1917 Business: Presidents
Eugene S. Farley 1921 Education: College Presidents
James G. Fulton 1924 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Ernst Harboe 1947 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Joe Eisenhuth 1948 Military: Navy Cross
William L. Weiss 1951 Business: Presidents
John M. Kersh 1957 Military: Generals/Admirals
Jack Ham 1971 Sports: Football: Hall of Fame
John Skorupan 1973 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Greg Buttle 1976 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Tom Rafferty 1976 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Pete Kugler 1981 Sports: Football-Prominent Players

Pennsylvania Iota - University of Pittsburgh
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Howard Odell 1934 Sports: Football-College Coaches
J. William Glassford 1936 Sports: Football-College Coaches
Bob Prince 1938 Sports: Baseball-Hall of Fame
John T. Dickinson 1940 Gov: Fed-Fed Court
Roger Jorgensen 1948 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball

Pennsylvania Kappa - Swarthmore College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
James F. Price 1927 Business: Presidents
James A. Michener 1929 Literature: Dist. Writers
William W. Timmis 1940 Military: Navy Cross

Quebec Alpha - McGill University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
J. Albert Faulkner 1904 Canadian Government
Chester Payne 1906 Canadian Government. Military: "Fighting Phis"
Henry R. Emmerson 1906 Canadian Government
Hugh A. Crombie 1917 Business: Presidents
Rene D. Perrault 1917 Business: Presidents
John D. Kearney 1919 Canadian Government
T.R. Lagan 1919 Business: Presidents
Rodgie McLagan 1919 Business: Presidents
Gerald Anglin 1921 Military: Generals/Admirals
Charles P. Hebert 1921 Canadian Government
James G. Notman 1922 Busines: Presidents
Richard B. Wilson 1924 Canadian Government
Jack Gelineau 1949 Sports: Other-Hockey
George Petty 1954 Busines: Presidents

Rhode Island Alpha - Brown University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
G. Edward Buxton 1902 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Noble Brandon Judah 1904 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys. Military: Generals/Admirals
Earl R. Fretz 1916 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Gordon K. Chalmers 1925 Education: Presidents
Edward L. Sittler 1930 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Alfred T. Hill 1933 Education: College President
Don Colo 1950 Sports: Football-Prominent Players

South Carolina Alpha - Wofford College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William Ellerbe 1883 Gov: State-Gov.

South Carolina Beta - University of South Carolina
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
David F. Houston 1887 Business: Presidents. Education: Presidents. Gov: Fed-Executive Cabinet

South Dakota Alpha - University of South Dakota
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Marcus P. Beebe 1905 Government: State-State Senators
Herbert B. Rudolph 1916 Government: State-Federal Court
Eugene L. Vidal 1916 Air and Space. Government-Federal-Executive. Sports: Olympics
Alton Ochsner 1918 Medicine
Jason E. Payne 1919 Government: State-State Senators
Jim Kelly 1921 Sports: Olympics
Boyd Leedom 1930 Government: State-Supreme Court
Robert Taplett 1940 Military: Navy Cross

Tennessee Alpha - Vanderbilt University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Duncan Fletcher 1880 Government: Fed-Senators
James M. Griggs 1881 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Malcolm R. Patterson 1882 Gov: Fed-Congressmen. Gov: State-Governors
James C. McReynolds 1883 Gov: Fed-Supreme Court
Stirling Price Gilbert 1883 Government: State-Federal Court
Hill McAllister 1897 Gov: State-Governors
Emory Marvin Underwood 1900 Gov: Fed-Fed Court
Grantland Rice 1901 Sports: Baseball-Hall of Fame
Hoyt M. Dobbs 1903 Education: Religion
Herbert Farrell 1903 Business: Company Founders
John J. Tigert 1904 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Will Manier Jr. 1908 Education-Scholars
Edward Buford Jr. 1913 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Hugh J. Morgan 1914 Medicine. Military: Generals/Admirals
William Prentice Cooper Jr. 1917 Gov: State-Governors
Thomas A. Frazier 1917 Military: Generals/Admirals
Charles F. Craig 1919 Military: Generals/Admirals
William H. Craig 1919 Military: Generals/Admirals
Winston P. Folk 1922 Military: Generals/Admirals
Allen Tate 1922 Literature: Distinguished Writers
William S. Vaughn 1923 Business: Presidents
Guilford Dudley Jr. 1929 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Don K. Price 1931 Education: Scholars
Herbert "Dick" Plasman 1937 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
William C. Cornelius 1941 Military: Dis. Service Cross
William A. Spickard 1953 Medicine
Terry Dornbush 1955 Government: Fed-Foreign Envoys
Claude Jarman Jr. 1956 Entertainment: Actor
Francis F. Drowata 1960 Government: State-Federal Court
Thomas Frist 1961 Busines: Presidents

Tennessee Beta - University of the South, Sewanee
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Cyrus Radford 1884 Military: Navy Cross. Military: Generals/Admirals
Francis Asbury Shoup 1884 (Alumnus Initiate) Military: Generals
Walter Mitchell 1898 Education: Religion
Kirkman George Finlay 1900 Education: Religion
R. Bland Mitchell 1908 Educat: Presidents & Religion
Harry P. Cain 1928 Gov: Fed-Senators. Gov: State-Mayors
Ewing Y. Mitchell 1933 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Richard Walker Bolling 1937 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Hunter Wyatt Brown 1937 Education: Religion
Frederick Butts 1943 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Albert T. Smith Jr. 1953 Government: Fed-Congressmen

Texas Alpha Prime - Austin College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Honestes H. Boone 1855 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
William T. Hill 1858 Military: "Fighting Phis"

Texas Beta - University of Texas - Austin
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
John A. Lomax 1897 Entertainment: Music
Thomas Connally 1898 Gov: Fed-Senators. Gov: Fed-Congressmen
Edgar E. Witt 1900 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
Jean Baptiste Adoue 1906 Gov: State-Mayors
Randolph Bryant 1916 Gov: Fed-Fed Court
Francis E. Worley 1932 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Karl Tanner 1933 Military: Navy Cross
Zachary Scott 1935 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Joe Robert Greenhill 1936 Government: State-Federal Court
Joe Dealey 1940 Literature: Editors
Barefoot Sanders 1946 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Dabney Coleman 1953 Entertainment: Movies & Television
James Baker III 1957 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Peter Coneway 1966 Gov't: Federal: Foreign Envoys
Pete Lammons 1966 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Tom Schieffer 1970 Government: Federal-Foreign Envoys
Robie Vaughn 1978 Sports: Olympics
Chris Bell 1988 Government: Fed-Congressmen

Texas Gamma - Southwestern University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William Leake Mann Jr. 1903 Medicine. Military: Generals/Admirals
Carl Reynolds 1926 Sports: Baseball-Players
Rodney R. Wilder 1939 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Jerry Hardin 1951 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Mike Timlin 1988 Sports: Baseball-Players

Texas Delta - Southern Methodist University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
King Vivion 1916 Education: Presidents
James Collins 1937 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Harris C. Neil 1939 Military: Dis. Service Cross
John C. Kittrell Jr. 1944 Art and Architecture
William Braecklein 1950 Government: State-State Senators
Doak Walker 1950 Sports: Football: Hall of Fame. Sports: Football-Heisman Trophy
Don Meredith 1960 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Ray L. Hunt 1965 Business: Presidents

Texas Epsilon - Texas Tech University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Mac Percival 1962 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
David Parks 1964 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Robert L. Duncan 1976 Government: State-State Senators
George C. Eads 1989 Entertainment: Movies & Television
Colby Donaldson 1996 Entertainment: Movies & Television

Texas Zeta - Texas Christian University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Bob Schieffer 1959 Media
Charles Coody 1960 Sports: Other-Golf
Jack Spikes 1960 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Benjamin Schimdt 1998 Military: "Fighting Phis"

Texas Eta - Stephen F. Austin University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Kenneth Brimer 1967 Government: State. State Senate

Texas Lambda - Baylor University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Mark White 1962 Gov: State-Governors
Max Sandlin 1975 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Mark Hurd 1979 Business: Presidents
Trey Wingo 1985 Media

Texas Kappa - University of Texas, Arlington
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Doug Russell 1969 Sports: Olympics
Liam Ball 1972 Sports: Olympics
Ralph McPherson 1982 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball

Utah Alpha - University of Utah
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Elbert Thomas 1906 Government: Fed-Senators
Frank E. Holman 1908 Education-Scholars
Franklin D. Richards 1921 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Preston Grover 1924 Media
J. Willard Marriott 1925 Busines: Company Founders
Allan Pixton 1939 Military: Generals/Admirals
Chet Franklin 1957 Sports: Football: Executives
Blaine Lindgren 1964 Sports: Olympics
Matthew Moffit 1974 Military: Generals/Admirals

Vermont Alpha - University of Vermont
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Marshall A. Howe 1890 Education: Scholars
Samuel H. Jackson 1898 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
Boyden Eugene Beebe 1906 Military: Generals/Admirals
Adrian St. John 1914 Military: Generals/Admirals
Raymond S. Gates 1926 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Charles F. Blair Jr. 1931 Air and Space. Military: Generals/Admirals
Robert G. McEwen 1942 Gov: Fed-Congressmen

Virginia Alpha - Roanoke College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Oscar D. Miller 1871 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Royall Cabell 1897 Government: Fed-Executive Branch

Virginia Beta - University of Virginia
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William S. Bryan 1880 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
Henry L. Smith 1887 Education: Presidents. Medicine
George Petrie 1887 Education: Presidents. Sports: College Football Coaches
Trigant Burrow 1899 Medicine
Edgar L. Woods 1904 Military: Generals/Admirals
Herman Guy Kump 1905 Gov: State-Governors
William John Vanderkloot 1937 Fighting Phis
Robert M. Wilde 1940 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Ralph Wilson 1940 Sports: Football: Executives

Virginia Delta - University of Richmond
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
George Braxton Taylor 1881 Education: Religion
V. Earl Dickenson 1945 Government: State-State Assemblymen
John O' Bannon 1969 Government: State-State Assemblymen
Phillip A. Hamilton 1974 Government: State-State Assemblymen

Virginia Gamma - Randolph Macon College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Andrew Sledd 1893 Education-Presidents
Edwin M. Watson 1902 Military: Generals/Admirals
Lloyd Gravely 1908 Government: State-State Senators
James Rives Childs 1912 Government: Federal-Foreign Envoys
William Chenery 1907 Literature: Editors
Grellet C. Simpson 1930 Education: College Presidents
William Sanders 1942 Military: "Fighting Phis"

Virginia Zeta - Washington and Lee University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Duncan L. Groner 1892 Gov: Fed-Fed Court
Christopher Chenery 1909 Sports: Horse Racing
Emile B. Beatly 1920 Gov: Fed-Fed Court
J. Bennett Johnston 1954 Government: Fed-Senators

Washington Alpha - University of Washington
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
William E. Lee 1905 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
William J. Coyle 1912 Gov: State-State Exec. Officers
Leland Tolman 1915 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Phil A. Henderson 1916 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Samuel I. Chamberlain 1917 Art and Architecture
Steve Anderson 1929 Sports: Olympics
Theodore R. Gamble 1930 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet. Military: "Fighting Phis"
Paul Jessup 1931 Sports: Olympics
Jack Medica 1937 Sports: Olympics
Alexander Goodfellow 1988 Military: Generals/Admirals
William Kirschner 1939 Business: Company Founders
Henry "Hank" Ketcham 1941 Art and Architecture
Robert Kintner 1944 Media
Bruce F. Meyers 1946 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Brockman Adams 1948 Gov: Fed-Senators. Gov: Fed-Congressmen
David Hinson 1955 Government: Fed-Executive Cabinet
Booth Gardner 1958 Gov: State-Governors
Dave Williams 1967 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
George Irvine 1970 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Ray Pinney 1976 Sports: Football-Prominent Players
Detlef Schrempf 1986 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Scott O'Grady 1988 Military: "Fighting Phis"

Washington Beta - Whitman College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Arthur T. Lee 1917 Military: Dis. Service Cross
Otis Holmes Jr. 1923 Government: Fed-Congressmen
Edwin M. Tate 1923 Education: Presidents
Gregory A. Corliss 1952 Military: Generals/Admirals
Dirk Benedict 1967 Entertainment: Movies & Television

Washington Gamma - Washington State University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
J. Ira Courtney 1917 Sports: Olympics
Joseph L. Phillips 1915 Military: Generals/Admirals
J. F. Clarke 1927
Kenneth Powell 1938 Military: Generals/Admirals
Torbjorn Falkanger 1951 Sports: Olympics
Patrick Foley 1954 Business: Presidents
Hugh T. Campbell 1963 Sports: Football: Hall of Fame
Dave Harshman 1969 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball
Ron Cey 1970 Sports: Baseball-Players

Washington Delta - University of Puget Sound
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Ron Woodard 1965 Business: Presidents

West Virginia Alpha - West Virgina University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Jon A. McBride 1964 Air and Space

Wisconsin Alpha - University of Wisconsin
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Philip C. Slaughter 1854 Military: "Fighting Phis"
William F. Vilas 1858 Gov: Fed-Executive Cabinet. Gov: Fed-Senators
Frank E. Bamford 1887 Military: Generals/Admirals
Oscar Hallam 1887 Government: State-Federal Court
Ferdinand A. Geiger 1888 Gov: Fed-Fed Court
Frank Lloyd Wright 1888 Art and Architecture
Allan J. Roberts 1906 Education: Presidents
Carroll Bickelhaupt 1911 Military: Generals/Admirals
Austin S. Igleheart 1912 Business: Presidents
Nelson T. Hartson 1912 Government: Fed-Executive Branch
Arthur H. Alexander 1911 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
E. Lothair Teetor 1921 Government: Fed-Executive Branch
George Umbrelt 1922 Business: Presidents
Jack R. Dewitt 1942 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Bill Schroeder 1948 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball

Wisconsin Beta - Lawrence University
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
George Emory Fellows 1879 Education: College Presidents
Roy Sund 1927 Business: Presidents
James F. Eckrich 1944 Military: Dis. Service Cross

Wisconsin Gamma - Ripon College
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
John Ankerson 1964 Sports: Pro Basketball
Dick Rehbein 1977 Sports: Football-Coaches
Jeff Gabrielsen 1980 Sports:

Wyoming Alpha - University of Wyoming
Name Graduation Year Field(s)
Edwin K. Thomson 1939 Gov: Fed-Congressmen
John Winterholler 1939 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Albert McCabe Hart 1940 Military: "Fighting Phis"
Gale Cleven 1941 Military: Distinguished Service Cross
Kenny Sailors 1943 Sports: Basketball-Pro Basketball

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