Frank Lloyd Wright
University of Wisconsin, 1888
Considered to be
America's Greatest
Architect of the 20th Century
Herbert Johnson
Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1903
Saturday Evening Post

Hank Ketcham
Univ., of Washington, 1941
Cartoonist, Creator of
"Dennis the Menace"
John D. Pusey
Northwestern Univ, 1927
Assistant Art Director -
Universal Motion Picture Studios
William C. Hook
Univ., of New Mexico, 1970
Landscape Painter
Robert Glenn Ketchum
UCLA, 1970
Renowned Landscape
John C. Kittrell Jr.
Southern Methodist, 1944
Artist, Premier
Pastel Specialist
Francis W. Chapin
Washington & Jefferson College, 1921
Acclaimed Painter
Influential in Modern
American Art Movement
Dwight James Baum
Syracuse University, 1909
Famed New York
Moulton Lee Adams II
University of North Carolina, 1945
Specialist in
Garden Art

Samuel I. Chamberlain
University of Washington, 1917
Famed Etcher, Lithographer
David "Dave" C. Gerard
Wabash College, 1931
Creator of "Will-Yum"

George Richard Turner
DePauw, 1932
Creator of "Carnival"
Cartoon strip
John L. Tonnele
Columbia, 1905
Conceived the idea of
present day Rockefeller Center
Vice-President of the
presigitious William A. White
Real Estate Firm.
George Richard Turner
Prominent landscape,
figure and mural painter
of the early 20th century
James O'Bryan
Kansas, 1924
Creator of
"Happily Ever After"
Harry Weese
M.I.T., 1938
Prominent Architect
Key figure in 20th century modernism
and historic preservation.
Theodore Davis Parmelee
Univ. of Illinois, 1935
Cartoonist for Disney
Academy Award nominated director
Ralph Ballantine
Ohio Wesleyan,1941
Creator of "The Jolly Green Giant"
"All-State Good Hands", "Schlitz Malt Liquor bull"
Illustrator of "Tony the Tiger", "Charlie The Tuna"
Fred L. Messersmith
Ohio Wesleyan, 1948
Prominent Watercolorist
Stetson Professor of Art History