The Top Twenty Most Influential Alumni
of Phi Delta Theta

September, 2005

The purpose in compiling this list is to not only spark debate but to examine how truly influential Phis have been. "Influential" and "Famous" are not exactly the same. If fame was the sole criteria then either Neil Armstrong or Lou Gehrig would be on the top of the list. Rather, in determining the rankings I asked myself "What was the person's lasting legacy?" In other words what did the Phi contribute to his field of endeavor and/or society in general and how would the world be different today if that person did not do the things he did? While creating this site I was able to read many of the bios of the hundreds of Phis mentioned. There were several who greatly stood out. There are some on this list which practically every Phi knows while there are others who are not quite as familiar but nevertheless deserve recognition. Here now is what I consider to be Phi Delta Theta's Top 20 Most Influentional Alumni:

The Top Twenty List