Facts about Phis in Business

"What's in a Name"

Three Phis are related to the founders of three of the most well known companies. Herbert Hoover Jr. Rollins College, 1941 is the son of Herbert Hoover who founded the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Company. Paul Smucker Miami University, 1939 is the grandson of the founder of Smuckers Food Preservatives Company. Edward Avery McIlleheny Lehigh University, 1894 was not a business man but rather a well known botanist and explorer. His name may not seem familiar but the next time you use Tabasco sauce on your food take a look at the label and you will see "McIllheny Company" "Avery Island".

"The Colonel's Right Hand Man"

Colonel Harland Sanders, through popular culture, is credited for being the Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, however it was another person who catapulted the restaurant chain in the forefrunt of the fast food industry. John Y. Brown, University of Kentucky, 1956 was the co-owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken and established it as the largest fast food service company we know today. This is the reason why he is regarded as a Co-Founder of KFC by many industry executives. When he sold the company in 1971 it was even larger than McDonalds. Brown would eventually become owner of the Boston Celtics and Governor of Kentucky from 1979-83.

"The Root of an Empire"

In 1927 J. Willard Marriott University of Utah, 1925 with his wife Alice, bought the rights to A&W Root Beer, one of the most popular soft drinks, and promptly opened a nine stool stand selling the beverage along with other foods. Over the years, as profits skyrocketed they opened many restaurants under the Marriott name. Thirty years later, in 1957, Marriott opened his first hotel, the Twin Bridges Motor Hotel in Washington, D.C. Today, the Marriott Corporation is the 4th largest hotel chain in the world ranking better than other hotel chains such as Hyatt and Best Western.

"Banta's Legacy"

George Banta Franklin College, 1876 in the greek world is best known for being one of the Second Founders of Phi Delta Theta and being the only man initiated into the Delta Gamma Sorority when he helped them expand. However, in the business and literary world he is best known for being the founder of the Banta Publishing Corporation which today specializes in digital imaging products and services to publishers and direct marketers. Currently, The Banta Corporation employs nearly 8,000 people worldwide and sells over $1.4 billion worth of services. On a side note, George Banta was not only initiated as a Delta Gamma, but he also performed an iniation ceromony when he initiated Lillian Vawter, his fiancée.