Countless Phis have started their own business. The Phis listed below have started companies whose revenue and assests are in the multi-billions, high multi-millions or companies which are or have have been internationaly recognized.

J. Willard Marriott
University of Utah, 1925
Marriott Hotels and Resorts 1
William F. Harrah
UCLA, 1934
Harrah's Hotels and Casinos

James McLamore
Cornell University, 1942
Burger King
John Y. Brown Jr.
University of Kentucky, 1956
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Dr. Richard E. Davis
Washburn University, 1947
KC Masterpiece Barbeque
William H. Danforth
Washington University - St Louis, 1892
Ralston-Purina Mills
Pet Foods 2
Powel Crosley Jr.
University of Cincinatti, 1909
Crosley Radios
and Electronics 3
George Banta
Franklin College, 1876
Banta Printing
Corporation 4
Hermon H. Scott
M.I.T. 1930
Scott Electronics Inc. 5
H. William Kirschner
Univ. of Washington, 1939
K2 Skis
Herbert Farrell
Vanderbilt, 1903
Farrell-Cheek Steel Company 6
Peter Nicholas
Boston Scientific 7
John Grubb
Univ. of Cal - Berkeley, 1953
Grubb & Ellis Real
Estate Company 8
Harold Ellis Jr.
Univ. of Cal - Berkeley, 1953
Grubb & Ellis Real
Estate Company 8

1. The Marriott Corporation split into two different companies in 1993: The Marriott International Corporation and the Host Marriott Corporation.

2. The Ralston-Purina Company merged with the Nestle Corporation in 2001.

3. The Crosley Automobile Company operated from 1939-52. The Crosley Broadcasting Company was sold to the Aviation Corporation in 1945. By 1997 almost all of the original Crosley radio and television properties had been sold off by its successor companies.

4. The Banta Corporation was sold to the RR Donnelley Publishing Company in 2006 for $1.3 billion.

5. The H.H. Scott, Inc. was founded in 1946. It remained independent until 1973, when it was acquired by Electro Audio Dynamics of Europe. In 1985, the famous hi-fi brand the company sold was purchased and today operates as a division of Emerson Electronics.

6. The Farrell-Cheek Company was at one time, one of the largest steel foundries in the United States. It was instrumental in manufacturing material for use in the battlefield during WWII. It ceased operation in the 1960s.

7. Boston Scientific is a multi-billion dollar worldwide company which develops, manufactures and markets medical devices. In 2005 Peter Nicholas was ranked #78 by Forbes magazine's list of "The 400 Richest Americans".

8. The Grubb & Ellis Real Estate Company is a multi-billion dollar international real estate investment company. As of 2009, it is the 4th largest in the world in terms of total revenue.