Jay-Raymond N. Abad, California Theta, UC Irvine 2002
For assistance and/or contribution to the site, the following people are greatly acknowledged

Sharon Balch Cline, Great grand niece of Medal of Honor Recipient John H. Balch
Laurie McGregor Connor, Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae District Officer
Kelly Derickson, Communications and Alumni Relations, Phi Delta Theta
Bill Laut Indiana Alpha #1842, Indiana University 1980
Rob McInnes, Nova Scotia Alpha, Dalhousie University 1985
Zach Meixner Ohio Mu #595, Ashland University 1999
Ryan Meyer von Bremen, Georgia Gamma #1315, Mercer University
Anthony Vincent Navarro, for technical assistance
Howard "Obie" Obenchain, Past Editor of the Scroll
Laurie Rosenberger, Assist. to the Exec. V.P. of Phi Delta Theta
Scott L. Ross Florida Gamma 1998, Florida State University
Josh Stephens, Florida Gamma #1206, Florida State University
Robert M. O. Sutton Sr. , Massachusetts Gamma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1973
Sgt. Doug Sterner (US Army Ret.), Webmaster for Home of Heroes, for assistance in the military section.
As the root of this website was meant to honor military personnel, a special fraternal thanks is extended to the following individuals for help in the research concerning servicemen of other fraternities:

Tom Olver, Editor, The Beta Theta Pi Magazine
Barbara E. Perkins, Pi Kappa Alpha Director of Communications/Editor
Heather N. Redeske, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Director of Communications
Chad Tino, Lambda Chi Alpha Director of Information Systems

This website is independent and it is maintained and controlled from outside the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. This website does not constitute official content by the fraternity. Any opinions and information contained in this site are strictly those of the webmaster and contributing editors.

A list of the sources used to compile and verify the information on this website can be made available upon request.

About the Site
Gathering the information, verifying the accuracy and eventually creating this site took several months to complete. In many ways, it is still an ongoing project and is updated when new information is passed along. The majority of the resources used to compile the information on this site were taken from nearly 100 pieces of Phi Delt Theta Literature including Membership Catalogues, past Phikeia manuals, rush brochures and past issues of the Scroll some dating back as far as the 1870s. The rest of the information can be found on various locations on the World Wide Web including local, state and federal archives.

All the people listed in this website are members of Phi Delta Theta and can be verified using available records. 80% of the names listed here have been mentioned in various Phi Delt literature. 15% of the names come from research and sources independent of any fraternity material. 5% of the names come from word of mouth.
Webmaster's Notes

  • The inspiration for creating this site actually came when I learned that Marc Anderson, an Army Ranger killed in Afghanistan was a Phi. I set about determining Phi Delta Theta's role during wartime. My interest was piqued when I was able to get a hold of a list of Phis who were awarded the Medal of Honor, the nation's highest decoration for bravery. It was from the military section where the idea for this site originated.

  • The first version of this site, though very informative contained many errors including duplicates. The old version contained slightly over 600 names with roughly 100 pictures of prominent alumni. This updated version is far more accurate with over 1,000 names and photos to 70% of those listed.
  • The Distinguished Service Cross/Navy Cross recipients section and the State Senators/State Representatives sections are the sections which will remain essentially incomplete. Only a small fraction is currently represented. The sections will be updated as news is received however, it would take years and many resources to arrive at a complete list.
  • The Government, Military and Sports Sections are the largest making up the bulk of all those listed.
  • The two most difficult sections of the site to complete was the Government and Sports Section. Due to the sheer number of Phis who have held different offices in government, it was difficult keeping track of the various offices. Similarly, in the Sports section, rarely does a Phi in one sport play with one team.
  • The medicine section is a new addition to the site.