Facts about Phis in Education

Powel Crosely: One of Phi Delta Theta's Greatest Inventors

Powel Crosely's Inventions/Accomplishments:
* second car radio (Motorola was first)
* first push button radio
* Most powerful radio broadcast system in the world (WLW, at 500 kW)
* early Soap Operas
* first refrigerator with shelves in the door
* first non-electric refrigerator (Icyball)
* first lights on a major league baseball field
* first mass-produced economy car
* first car to have disc brakes
"All But One"

Joel Hildebrand University of Pennsylvania, 1903 is probably Phi Delta Theta's greatest Chemist. He was a prominent Chemistry Professor at Berkeley for several decades. After his death, the American Chemical Society created a prestigious annual award in his honor: "The Joel Henry Hildebrand Award for Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry of Liquids". Hildebrand won virtually every major award in the field of Chemistry except the Nobel.

"On a Wing and a Prayer"

In the absence of more sophisticated telecommunication methods, e.g. radio transmissions, carrier pigeons were commonly used by all sides to ferry messages from point to point during World War I. Nor were they used only for critical dispatches; they were routinely deployed from the front lines to carry status reports back to headquarters. Many of the pigeons were trained to perform such tasks by the Audobon Society founded by Amos Butler Hanover College, 1881