Robert T. Haines
University of Missouri, 1889
Theater and Movie Actor
Phi Delta Theta's
first Prominent actor
Ralph Percy Lewis
Northwestern, 1895
Theater and Movie Actor
Appeared in 160 films
including the controversial
landmark silent film Birth of a Nation
Burt Reynolds
Florida State, 1958
Golden Globe Winner
Emmy Award Winner
Deliverance, Boogie Nights,
Dukes of Hazzard, The Longest Yard
Van Heflin (Emmett E. Heflin Jr.)
Univ., of Oklahoma, 1932
Academy Award Winner
Best Supporting Actor for
Johnny Eager
Dabney Coleman
Univ. of Texas, 1953
Emmy Award Winner
Golden Globe Winner
Dirk Benedict
Whitman College, 1967
Actor, Director, Writer
A-Team, Battlestar Galactica
Jerry Hardin
Southwestern Univ., 1951
The X-Files, Ally McBeal
George C. Eads
Texas Tech, 1990
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Colby Donaldson
Texas Tech, 1996
Actor, Red Eye
Survivor II: The Australian Outback
Jamie Murray
Cornell, 2001
MTV's Real World 9:
New Orleans

Robert Carroll Nye
UCLA, 1925
Gone with the Wind
Ted Bessell (Howard W. Bessell)
University of Colorado, 1957
Actor, Producer
Emmy Award Winner for
The Tracy Ullman Show

Kurt Caceres (Kurt R. Heinzman)
Sacramento State, 1998
Threat Matrix
The Shield
Mark DeCarlo
Drake Univ., 1984
Actor, Television Host
Jimmy Neutron, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, A Tase of American

Donald Gibb
Univ., of New Mexico, 1976
Bloodsport, Revenge of the Nerds
Michael McDonald
Univ., of Southern Cal., 1987
Mad TV, Austin Powers, Seinfeld

Jeffrey Hunter
Northwestern Univ., 1950
King of Kings,
Star Trek,
The Longest Day

Ted Shackelford
Westminister College, 1968
Knots Landing

Otis "Sonny" Shroyer
Univ., of Georgia, 1958
Dukes of Hazzard, Forrest Gump
Mike Connors (Krekor Ohanian)
UCLA, 1950
Golden Globe Winner
Emmy Award Winner Mannix

Tim Conway
Bowling Green Univ., 1956
Actor, Comedian
Emmy Award Winner
Dean Miller (Dean C. Stuhlmueller)
Ohio State Univ., 1946

Bill Bixby
Univ., of Cal.-Berkeley, 1956
Actor, Director
The Incredible Hulk,
My Favorite Martian
Zachary Scott
Univ. of Texas, 1935
Appeared in over 60 films
Hollywood Walk of Fame

Michael G. Murphy
Univ. of Arizona, 1960
Batman Returns, Magnolia,

James Pritchett
Univ., of North Carolina, 1944
Daytime Emmy Award Winner
for Doctors

James H. Pierce
Indiana Univ., 1920
Tarzan, Flash Gordon
Brett Claywell
North Carolina State, 2000
One Tree Hill

Ewing Y. Mitchell
Univ. of the South, 1933
Appeared in 39 movies
and television shows
Prince Lorenzo Borghese
Rollins College, 1995
Bachelor in
The Bachelor:Rome

Eddie Firestone
Northwestern, 1944
Appeared in over 100 Films/TV shows
Lou Crosby
Colorado College, 1916
Actor, Television Announcer
Lawrence Welk Show

Joseph Ashton
University of LaVerne, 2005
The Little Rascals
Al Meyer Jr.
Cal. State - Northridge, 1991
Academy Award Winner 2001
Academy Award for Technical Achievement

Claude Jarman Jr.
Vanderbilt, 1956
Academy Award Winner (Juvenile), 1946
The Yearling
John Colenback
Dartmouth, 1957
Falcon Crest, As The World Turns