Producers, Directors, Writers

Bob James
University of Michigan, 1961
Grammy Award Winner
Jazz Musician

Erich Kunzel
Dartmouth College, 1957
Grammy Award Winner
Symphony Conductor
The most successful classical/crossover recording artist in chart history

Phil Walden
Mercer University, 1962
Capricorn Records

Wayland Holyfield
University of Arkansas, 1964

Pierre Cossett
Univ. of Southern California, 1949
Executive Producer of
The Grammy Awards for 35 years
Brought the Grammy Awards
Show to television

John Lomax
University of Texas, 1897
Pioneer musicologist
and folkologist

Frank Crumit
Ohio University, 1912
Singer, Radio Personality
Stage Actor

Bob Hillman
Stanford University, 1992
Folk Singer

Werner Janssen
Dartmouth College, 1921
Musical Composer
Symphony Conductor
5 Time Academy Award Nominee
Frank S. Pixley
University of Akron, 1887
Lyricist for early
Broadway Musicals

Harry R. Archer
Knox College 1907
Musical Composer
Famous Ragtime Musician
James Pease
Franklin College, 1936
Hamburg State Opera

Chris Cagle
Northwestern Missouri, 1990
Country Music Singer
Eric Yoder
Saint Louis University, 2003
American Idol. Season 3