Robert Wise
Franklin College, 1936
Director, Producer
Academy Award Winner
Golden Globe Winner
The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Citizen Kane
Donald Simpson
University of Oregon, 1966
Top Gun, Flashdance
Former partner of Jerry Bruckheimer

William Henry Hays
Wabash College 1900
First President Motion Picture
Association of America (MPAA).
Formerly known as the Motion Pictures
Producers and Distributors Association
Roger Ebert
University of Illinois, 1964
Film Critic
Pulitzer Prize Recipient

Joshua Rexon
Univ. of Cal-Irvine, 1994
V.I.P starring Pamela Anderson, NCIS, Providence

Harry S. Ackerman
Dartmouth College, 1935

Leave it to Beaver, Be-Witched,
Gidget, The Flying Nun

Arthur Swanstrom
Columbia University, 1911
Theatrical Producer,
Writer, Composer
Collaborated with Oscar Hammerstein

Roscoe Crosby Gaige
Columbia University, 1903
Theatrical Producer

Robert Calhoun
University of Maryland, 1957
As The World Turns
Emmy Award Winner

Sam M. Simon
Stanford University, 1977
Producer, Co-Creator of
The Simpsons
Emmy Award Winner
Peabody Award Recipient

Hugh H. Wilson
University of Florida, 1965
Producer, Director, Writer
Emmy Award Winner
WKRP in Cincinnati, Police Academy,
First Wive's Club, Gaurding Tess

Dean Hargrove
Wichita State University, 1960
Emmy Award Winner
Matlock, Perry Mason, Columbo

Brock Pemberton
University of Kansas, 1908
Theatrical Producer
Founder of the Tony Awards

Trey Callaway
University of California, 1989
Writer, Producer
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Utopia, Lost in Oz, CSI: New York

Francis D. Lyon
UCLA, 1928
Academy Award Winner

Kevin Reilly
Cornell, 1984
President of
NBC Entertainment

Steve McPherson
Cornell, 1986
President of
ABC Entertainment

Richard Kelly
Univ. of Southern Cal, 1997
Director, Writer

Donnie Darko, Southland Tales,
The Box

Lloyd Segan
Allegheny College, 1980
Producer, Actor
The Dead Zone, Greek,
Boondock Saints
John C. Feld
Depauw, 1984
Producer, Musician
Emmy Award Winner
Martha Stewart Living,
Country Music Television

Tate Taylor
Mississippi, 1991
The Help, Winter's Bone
Tim Kashani
UC Irvine, 1986
Tony Award Winner

Bill Butler
Iowa Wesleyan, 1943
Emmy Award Winner
Jaws, Biloxi Blues, Rocky II, II, IV
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Frank Cavett
Ohio, 1927
2 Time Academy Award Winner

Trevor Engelson
Univ. of Southern Cal.
License to Wed, All About Steve