Wendell Niles
University of Montana, 1927
News Reporter
Radio Entertainer
Ken Niles
Univ. of Montana, 1928
News Reporter
Radio Entertainer

Ken Carpenter
Lombard College, 1921
News Reporter
Radio Entertainer
Jim McWilliams
Ohio University, 1911
One of the first
radio quiz show hosts

William B. Murray
Columbia University, 1911
Entertainment Agent
Head of the Radio and Television Department of the famed William Morris Agency. Represented Milton Berle and Groucho Marx among others
Mark Roesler
Depauw, 1978
World's foremost authority on
intellectual property rights
involving celebrities.
Alex Seropian
University of Chicago, 1991
Co-Founder Bungie Studios
Developer of the Halo, Marathon,
and Myth video game series