Benjamin Harrison
Miami University (Ohio), 1852
President of
the United States

*Also listed in Senators,
Military: Generals

Adlai Stevenson
Centre College, 1860
Vice-President of
the United States

James Baker III
University of Texas, 1957
Secretary of State-1989-93
White House Chief of Staff
Reagan Administration
John W. Foster
Indiana University, 1855
Secretary of State
Benj. Harrison Administration
Harold Ickes
University of Chicago, 1897
Secretary of the Interior
F. Roosevelt Adminstration
Dwight F. Davis
Washington University, 1899
Secretary of War
Coolidge Administration

*Also listed in Military

Robert Patterson
Union College, 1912
Secretary of War
Truman Administration

*Also listed in Military:
Distin. Serv. Cross Rec.

William F. Vilas
University of Wisconsin, 1858
Secretary of the Interior
Cleveland Administration
Douglas McKay
Oregon State, 1917
Secretary of the Interior
Eisenhower Administration
Jouett Shouse
University of Missouri, 1899
Assistant Secretary
of Treasury
Theodore R. Gamble
University of Washington, 1930
Assistant Secretary of
Treasury; Director of
War Bond Drive WWII
George DeCamp
Ohio University, 1894
Federal Reserve Board
Herman H. Phleger
U.C. Berkeley, 1912
Legal Adviser
State Department
Daniel K. Edwards
Duke University, 1935
Assistant Secretary
of Defense
Roy Dikeman Chapin
University of Michigan, 1903
Secretary of Commerce
Nelson T. Hartson
University of Wisconsin, 1912
Solicitor of Internal Revenue
Barber Conable
Cornell, 1943
Gov't World Bank
John C. Black
Wabash College, 1862
Civil Service Commission
Royal Cabell
Roanoke College, 1897
Internal Revenue
Thomas C. Blaisdell Jr.
Penn State, 1916
Assistant Secretary
of Commerce
One of the key architects
of the Marshall Plan
James F.T. O'Connor
University of North Dakota, 1907
Comptroller of the
Thomas J. Morgan
Franklin College, 1861
Indian Affairs
David Hinson
Univ. of Washington, 1955
Chairman, Federal Aviation
Administration, 1993-96
Charles McChord
Centre College, 1880
Interstate Commission
John J. Tigert
Vanderbilt University, 1904
Commissioner of Education
Ronald Walker
University of Arizona, 1960
National Park Service,

Byron Price
Wabash College, 1912
Director of Censorship WWII
Assistant Secretary General
United Nations
Elmer Davis
Franklin College, 1910
War Information Dept.
World War II

Thomas Umberg
Univ. of Colorado, 1977
Deputy Director
Drug Control Policy
Walter O. Woods
University of Kansas, 1894
Treasurer of the
United States

Martin Morrison
Butler University, 1883
Civil Service Commission
Eugene L. Vidal
University of South Dakota, 1916
Assist. Secretary
of Commerce

William E. Lee
University of Washington, 1905
Interstate Commerce
E. Lothair Teetor
University of Wisconsin, 1921
Assistant Secretary
of Commerce

David F. Houston
University of South Carolina, 1887
Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of the Treasury

*Also listed

Genio Lambertson
Franklin College, 1872
Assistant Secretary
of the Treasury

Francis V. Russell
University of Kansas, 1925
Assistant Secretary
of Agriculture
Daniel R. Crissinger
University of Akron, 1885
Comptroller of the Currency Gov. of Federal Reserve Board

Franklin D. Richards
University of Utah, 1921
Federal Housing Commision
Bernard M. Shanley
Columbia University, 1925
Deputy White House Chief of Staff
President Eisenhower

H. Merle Cochran
Wabash College, 1913
United Nations
Peace Panel
William Swingle
University of Pennyslvania, 1915
National Foreign
Trade Council

R. Dean Burch
University of Arizona, 1952
Federal Communications
Joseph M. Bowman Jr.
Emory University, 1952
Assistant Secretary
of the Treasury

William Mather Lewis
Knox College, 1900
Chief of Educational
Service - US Chamber
of Commerce
Bryce Harlow
Univ. of Oklahoma, 1936
Presidential Medal of
Freedom Recipient
Advisor to four
H. Ladd Plumley
Williams College, 1925
U.S. Chamber of
W. Hamilton Jordan
Georgia, 1966
Chief of Staff
Carter Administration

*Also listed under Sports: Olympics/Other and Football Exec.

Wayne Coy
Franklin, 1924
Federal Communications
Barefoot Sanders
Texas, 1946
Assistant Deputy
Attorney General
Thomas Faught Jr.
Oregon State, 1951

Senior Advisor to Director
of the CIA, Reagan Admin
Assist. Sect. of the Navy,
Reagan, G.W. Bush Admins

*Also listed in Business

Scott Stanzel
Iowa State, 1995
Deputy White House
Press Secretary

Paul Dunbar
Gettysburg, 1904
Federal Drug