William Randolph Hearst Jr.
U.C. Berkely, 1929
Pulitzer Prize Winner
Editor in Chief of Hearst Newspapers
Alexander Kelly McClure
Lafayette College 1843 (Honorary)
Philadelphia Times
William Chenery
Randolph Macon, 1907
Collier's Magazine
Jason McManus
Davidson College, 1956
Time Magazine
E. Clifton Daniel
North Carolina, 1933
Managing Editor
New York Times
Russell W. Freeburg
Knox College, 1945
Managing Editor
Chicago Tribune
Edward Dickson
UCLA, 1901
Evening Express
Los Angeles
Edward K. Thompson
Univ. of North Dakota, 1927
Managing Editor
New York Times
Wilfrid Smith
DePauw Univ., 1919
Sports Editor
Chicago Tribune
Virgil "Red" Newton
Univ. of Florida, 1926
Tampa Tribune
William Preston Beazell
Allegheny College, 1897
Managing Editor
New York World
Richard Henry Little
Illinois Wesleyan, 1895
Line-o-Type or Two
Chicago Tribune
Chuck Conconi
Kent State, 1960
Washingtonian Magazine
Hilton U. Brown
Butler Univ., 1880
Managing Editor
Indianpolis News
Frank W. Rostock
University of Akron, 1902
President, Editor
Cincinatti Post
Thornton "Pete" Martin (William T. Martin)
Univ. of Penn, 1924
Associate Editor
Saturday Evening Post
Carr Van Anda
Ohio University, 1885
Managing Editor
New York Times
Kyle Crichton
Lehigh University, 1917
Scribner's Magazine
Also listed under Company
Lawrence H. Sloan
DePauw Univ., 1912
Editor The New York American
The New York Tribune
William T. Morrison
Hanover College, 1886
Newspaperman, First
Public Relations counsellor
in American Industry
John Sanburn Phillips
Knox College, 1882
Noted editor and publisher
Established the first big
U.S. newspaper syndicate to
offer feature stories
William Emmet Moore
Univ. of Missouri, 1897
Managing Editor
Baltimore Sun
John Wesley Silk
Ohio University, 1949
Better Homes
and Gardens
Frank Trippet
Duke University, 1949
Associate Editor - "Newseek"
Senior Editor - "Look"
TIME Magazine
Arthur C. Johnson
Ohio, 1897
Editor in Chief
Columbus Dispatch
Charles H. Mayer
UC Berkeley, 1926
San Francisco Examiner
Joe Dealey
Texas, 1940
Dallas Texas Morning News