The number of Phis who have written books number in the thousands. Below are the exceptional few whose works have become facets in the literay world.
Reynolds Price
Duke University, 1955
Distinguished Literary
Ray Stannard Baker
Michigan State University, 1889
Pulitzer Prize Winner
Eugene Field
Knox College, 1872
Famous Poet
Known as
"The Children's Poet"
William Allen White
University of Kansas, 1890
Pulitzer Prize Winner
Writer, Essayist
James A. Michener
Swarthmore College, 1929
Pulitzer Prize Winner
Presidential Medal of Freedom
Allen Tate (Orley A. Tate)
Vanderbilt University, 1922
Poet, Critic
Poet Laureate Consultant in
Poetry to the Library of Congress

Louis Bromfield
Columbia University, 1920
Pulitzer Prize Winner
"Early Autumn"
Walter Havighurst
Ohio Wesleyen University, 1923
Famed Writer
Writer of "Annie Oakley of the
West", the basis of the "Annie
Get Your Gun" Musical

Carl Crow
Univ., of Missouri 1907
Essayist, Historian
William Styron
Davidson College, 1946
Pulitzer Prize Winner
"The Confessions of Nat Turner"
Phillip "Po" Bronson
Stanford, 1986
Novelist, Essayist
Writer of the acclaimed
non-fiction book
"What Should I Do With My Life?"
Edward Luther Stevenson
Franklin College, 1881
Prominent Cartographer
Benoit Denizet Lewis
Northwestern Univ., 1997
Award winning Writer
Dan Moldea
Univ. of Akron, 1972
Prominent writer in
organized crime and
Thomas Hornsby Ferril
Colorado College, 1918
Award Winning Poet, Essayist
Colorado Poet Laureate
Don Otto Herold
Indiana University, 1912
Cartoonist, Humorist
Feature Writer
of Reader's Digest
Sherwin Cody
Amherst, 1889
Writer of over
100 books ranging
from Poetry, to Business
and Biographies
John Randolph Spears
Butler, 1872
Writer, Journalist
Edwin Osgood Grover
Dartmouth, 1894
First Professor of Books
in the United States
Talbot Faulkner Hamlin
Amherst, 1910
Pulitzer Prize Winner