Bob Schieffer
Texas Christian Univ., 1959
CBS News Anchor
Emmy Award Recipient
for Broadcast Journalism
Byron Price
Wabash College, 1912
Director of Censorship, WWII

*Also listed in Military-"Fighting Phis". Gov: Fed-Exec. Cabinet

Elmer Davis
Franklin College, 1910
Peabody Award Recipient
Famed Reporter
Director of War
Information, WWII *Also listed in Military-"Fighting Phis".
Gov: Fed-Exec. Cabinet
Robert Kintner
Univ., of Washington, 1944
Peabody Award Recipient Media Executive
President of ABC
Frank Stanton
Ohio State, 1937
Peabody Award Recipient
Media Executive
President of CBS
Vern Haugland
Univ. of Montana, 1931
War Correspondent,
World War II
William Lindsey White
Univ., of Kansas, 1922
Radio Newsreporter,
Webley Edwards
Oregon State, 1927
Radio War Correspondent
Gary Bender
Wichita State, 1962
John C. Oestreicher
Columbia ,1927
Charter Member:
Overseas Press Club
James "Jimmy" Crum
Ohio University, 1952
News Reporter
Emmy Award Winner
Trey Wingo
Baylor, 1985
Winner of 6 Local Emmys
Bob Cook
Michigan State, 1970
President/CEO of
Twentieth Television
Tom Ervin
Ohio State, 1932
Vice President
of NBC
John P. McKnight
Davidson, 1928
Associated Press Bureau Chief
of Mexico City, Lisbon, Madrid
Preston Grover
University of Utah, 1924
War Correspondent, WWII
Associated Press Bureau Chief -
New Delhi, Moscow and Paris.
Earle C. Anthony
U.C. Berkeley, 1903
Pioneer Broadcaster
First to introduce neon
lights to the U.S.
Robert H. Lochner
Univ. of Chicago, 1939
Helped revive free media in West Germany
Head of Radio in the American sector.
Assisted in Pred. Kennedy in his
''Ich bin ein Berliner'' speech.

Chris Hansen
Michigan State, 1981
NBC Dateline. Well known for the
segment To Catch a Predator
Bill Beutel
Dartmouth, 1953
News Anchor
One of the longest serving news anchors in NYC television history

John E. Fields
North Dakota, 1935
Bureau Chief of the
Office of War Info. Dept. WWII
in Japan and Korea