Dr. Howard Rusk
University of Missouri, 1923
Father of
Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. John W. Cline
University of Cal - Berkeley, 1921
American Medical Association

Dr. Thomas Francis
Allegheny College, 1921
First to isolate the influenza
virus in the United States
Director of the Commision on
Influenza of the Army
Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient
Dr. Gilbert Horrax
Williams College, 1909
Pioneer Neurosurgeon
Founding Member
The Society of Neurological Surgeons

Dr. Albert Coons
Williams College, 1933
Father of
Dr. Trigant Burrow
Univ. of Virginia, 1899
Father of Group Analysis and Neurodynamics
Co-Founder American
Psychoanalytic Association
Dr. Norman R. Hertzer
Indiana University, 1964
Premier vasculuar surgeon
Chairman - Vascular Surgery,
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Dr. G. Denman Hammond
University of North Carolina, 1944
National Childhood Cancer Foundation
Dr. Alton Ochsner
Univ. of South Dakota, 1918
Past President
American College of Surgeons
Discovered the link between
cancer and tobacco
Dr. Willis Potts
Lombard, 1927
Pioneer Child Heart Surgeon
Dr. James S. McLester
University of Alabama, 1896
American Medical Association
Dr. R. Michael Benitez
Western Maryland, 1982
Medical Researcher
Discovered the cause of
Edgar Allen Poe's Death

Dr. Joseph C. Hinsey
Iowa Wesleyan, 1922
Association of American
Medical Colleges
Dr. Merl L. Margason
University of Oregon, 1920
Well known Clinical Prof.
Head of Neurology Division
University of Oregon

Dr. Keith Grimson
Univ., of North Dakota, 1930
Discovered Banthene
drug to relieve peptic ulcers
Dr. Evarts Ambrose Graham
University of Chicago, 1905
Pioneer Surgeon
First to perform lung
cancer operation

Dr. Edwin R. Boldrey
DePauw University, 1927
American Neurological
Dr. Jed Williams Pearson Jr.
DePauw Univeristy, 1934
Founding Fellow
American College of
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. L. Emmerson Ward
University of Illinois, 1939
Mayo Clinic's Board
of Governors
Rear Admiral
William Leake Mann Jr.

Southwestern University, 1903
Expert in Amphibious,

Gen. Paul Ramsey Hawley
Indiana University, 1912
Helped developed M*A*S*H units
Director of the American
College of Surgeons
World War II Army Surgeon General

Dr. Thomas Noble Sr.
Franklin-Wabash College, 1887
Pioneer in Abdominal Surgery
Developed new technniques in
apendectomy. Developed method for
removal of cancer in lower intestine

Brig. Gen. Hugh J. Morgan
Vanderbilt University, 1914
Chief Consultant
in Medicine. Office of
the Surgeon General of the
Army. WWII
Dr. William Anderson
Spickard Jr.

Vanderbilt University, 1953
Vanderbilt Institute
for Treatment of Addiction
Dr. Henry Louis Smith
University of Virginia, 1887
Pioneer, Psychological
Warfare. Conducted first X-Ray
in the United States
Major General
Robert E. Noble

Auburn University, 1890
Army Surgeon General

Major General
Leonard D. Heaton

Denison College, 1923
Surgeon General of
the Army under
4 Presidents
Dr. Louis M. Orr
Emory, 1921
American Medical

Rear Admiral
Will Melville Garton

University of Iowa, 1896
Medical Inspector
United States Navy
Dr. Robert Pitts
Butler, 1928
American Physiological Association
Pioneer in the study of
kidney function

John F. Bogges
UC Irvine, 1987
One of the world’s leading experts
in robotic-assisted surgery
in gynecologic oncology