This list contains both military and civilian personnel who greatly contributed during wartime and who are not listed in any other field in the military section. This list is by no means complete but rather is given for appreciation to the tens of thousands of Phis who have served either on the homefront or on the frontlines.

The term "Fighting Phi" appeared in Phi Delta Theta literature in the early 1900s, but it wasn't until World War II when the term gained prominence by Phi Delta Theta Staff member Harry Gerlach who was the editor of the "Fighting Phi News" a newsletter which was sent to several hundred Phi servicemen. Afterwards, the term "Phis With The Colors" was used to describe news from Phis in the military.

Mexican American War (1846-1848)

William George
Centre College, 1855
One of two Phis to fight in the Mexican-American War. First known Phis to serve in the military.
James Z. George
Mississippi, 1844 (Alumnus Initiate)
One of two Phis to fight in the Mexican-American War.

*Also listed in government

Civil War (1861-1865)

Albert Corydon White
University of Akron, 1880
One of the youngest on the
army payroll - age 8. Union Army
Alexander McClure
Lafayette 1843 (Alumnus Initiate)
Assistant Adjutant Gen. of Volunteers
Raised 17 Pennslyvania Regiments

Platt J. Squier
Butler College, 1860
First Phi to lose his life in combat in the history of the fraternity. Battle of Shiloh: April 1862

William T. Hill
Austin College, 1858
With General Lee at Appomattox
Court House

William L. Dulaney
Centre College, 1857
Member of John Morgan's
Raiders - Confederacy
Thomas W. Bullitt
Centre College, 1858
Member of John Morgan's
Raiders - Confederacy

James B. Bullitt
Centre College, 1860
Member of John Morgan's
Raiders - Confederacy
Philip C. Slaughter
University of Wisconsin, 1854
Member of John Mosby's
Special Troop of Confederate

Preston A. Davidson
Butler College, 1861
Member of John Mosby's
Special Troop of Confederate
Oscar D. Miller
Roanoke College, 1871
Member of John Mosby's
Special Troop of Confederate

John J. P. Blinn

Wabash College, 1863
Union Army
Killed at the Battle of
Gettysburg during Pickett's Charge

Spanish - American War (1898)

Edwin Emerson
Miami University, 1889
Noted Journalist. Member
Roosevelt's "Rough Riders"
1st United States Volunteer Cavalry
Troop K
Lockett G. Coleman
Washington University, 1898
Roosevelt's "Rough Riders"
1st United States Volunteer Cavalry,
Troop C

Philippine - American War (1899-1913)

Lt. Burt D. Whedon
University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1900
Commanded the outpost whose sentry fired the shot which started the Philippine-American War

World War I (1914-1918)

2nd. Lt. Colin Simpson
University of Toronto, 1916
Royal Field Canadian Artillery
Killed in action somewhere
in France. August 8, 1916.
First Phi to be killed in World War I.
Sgt. Burton Woolery
Indiana Univ., 1916
First American Phi
to be killed in World War I

Lt. Frank Benitz
Univ. of Illinois, 1911
Pilot. Royal Air Force. England
The first known Phi to lose his
life in combat other than for
the United States or Canada
Capt. Robert Rockwell
Columbia, 1917
Pilot in the famed
Lafayette Escadrille of France.
One of the original 38 American
pilots in the Escadrille of the
Lafayette Flying Corps.

Leland Tolman
Univ. of Washington, 1915
First aviation squadron
Marine Corps
Colonel Bradley J. Saunders
Univ. of Alabama, 1917
One of the youngest
squadron commanders
of World War I

Polish-Soviet War (1919-21)

Kenneth O. Shrewsbury
Amherst, 1914
1 of 8 Americans to fly in
the Ko˙ciuszko Squadron (Polish 7th Air Escadrille)
World War II (1939-1945)

Horace George Yelland
Univ. of Manitoba, 1936
First Canadian aviator
killed in WWII. December 1, 1939
First Phi killed in WWII.
May have been the first member
of any college fraternity killed in the war.
Donald Eglington Stewart
University of British Columbia, 1933
First Phi to die
in actual combat
WWII. September 11, 1940

Wesley Long Mays
University of Nebraska, 1931
Navy Physician. First American Phi to die while in service during WWII.
Non-combat death.
Cdr. Thomas Leroy Kirkpatrick
Colorado College, 1911
Killed at Pearl Harbor
Chaplain of the USS Arizona
First Navy Chaplain killed in WWII

Ensign William Manley Thompson
Univ. of North Carolina, 1941
Killed at Pearl Harbor
USS Oklahoma
Colonel Thomas H.
Augustine Lewis

Union College, 1926
Founder of the Armed
Services Radio Network

Lt. Albert McCabe Hart
Wyoming, 1940
First Army Chaplain
killed in WWII
Col. G. Edward Buxton
Brown University, 1902
Director and second in command
of the Office of Strategic Services
Predecessor of the CIA. Battalion
commander of Sgt. Alvin York in WWI

Elmer Davis
Franklin College, 1910
Director of the Office War
Information Deptartment

Also listed under Media

Byron Price
Wabash College, 1912
United States
Director of Censorship

Also listed under Media

Capt. Charles Leighton
Mich. State-Ohio Wes, 1942
Navigator of the famed
B-17 Flying Fortress
Memphis Belle
Captain Rodney R. Wilder
Southwestern, 1939
Member of Doolittle's Raiders

Ssgt. Frederick H. Butts
Sewanee, 1943
Credited by the Associated Press
as being the first American GI
to break into Hitler's Eagle's Nest
Col. Robert Arnold
Lafayetter, 1937
Leader of Guerilla troops
in the Philippines

Major Frederick P. Griffin
British Columbia, 1939
Cmdr of the Black Watch Regiment
during the highly controversial
Battle of VerriŔres Ridge
Ernst Harboe
Penn State, 1947
Member of the Danish
Underground. Nephew of
King Christian X

Commander Frank S. Borden
Lehigh University, 1911
Chief of the Division
of Charts: US Coast Guard
and Geographic Survey
Ted Gamble
Univ., of Washington, 1930
Director of the
War Bond Drive

Chester H. Payne
McGill University, 1906
Commercial Intelligence
Loren L. Brown
University of Idaho, 1911
Timber Controller of the
Munitions and Supply Dept.

Leonard Thom
Ohio State University, 1941
Executive Officer
Second in Command of
PT Boat 109 commanded
by John F. Kennedy
Col. John Winterholler
University of Wyoming, 1939
US Marine Corps
Survivor of the infamous
Bataan Death March

Lt. Charles Henry Semon
University of Oregon, 1942
506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division
Believed to be one of the first if
not the first Phi killed on D-Day
William John Vanderkloot
University of Virginia, 1937
Personal Pilot of
Prime Minister
Winston Churchill

Col. Douglas Catto
Toronto, 1923
Cmdr of the Royal Regiment
of Canada. Captured in the Dieppe
Raid, the bloodiest day for
Canada in WWII.
Albert I. Lodwick
Iowa Wesleya, 1925
Special Consultant to the
War Dept. Founder of 2 aviation
schools during WWII which graduated
over 6,000 cadets.

Capt. Dwain Luce
Auburn, 1939
82nd Airborne Division
One of the featured veterans profiled
in Ken Burn's landmark award winning
documentary The War (2007).
Corporal Eugene Sledge
Auburn, 1948
One of the featured veterans profiled
in Ken Burn's landmark award winning
documentary The War (2007).
Author of "With the Old Breed",
the basis for the HBO series
The Pacific (2010)

William G. Swann
University of Toronto, 1906
Canadian War Supply Board

Vietnam War (1965-75)

Robert Edwards
Lafayette College, 1960
Col. U.S. Army, (Ret.)
Company Commander during first
major battle of the Vietnam War,
Battle of Ia Drang Valley
Col. Thomas B. Tyree
Lafayette College, 1947
4th Cavalry - 1st Squadron

One of the most decorated units
in the Vietnam War.

James Ruliffson
Iowa State, 1959
Co-Founder, Commander
U. S. Navy Fighter Weapons School. "Top Gun"
One of the two original instructors.
Bruce F. Meyers
Univ. of Washington, 1946
First Commander of 1st Force Recon.
Pioneer in deep reconnaissance
operations for the Marine Corps

Cold War (1946-1991)

John R. McKone
Kansas State University, 1954
US Air Force
Shot Down by The Soviet Union
POW, later set free

War in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1995)

Scott O'Grady
University of Washington, 1988
Captain, United States Air Force
Shot down over Bosnia
Mrkonji┐ Grad Incident
War on Terrorism (2001 - Current)

Spc. Marc Anderson
Case Western University, 1995
Army Ranger
Killed in "Operation Anaconda"
Afghanistan. March 4, 2001.

First Phi killed in combat
in the War on Terror.

Capt. Michael Medders
Bowling Green, 2005
Army, 2nd Squadron. 3d Armored
Killed in Iraq. Sept. 24, 2008.

Only known Phi killed in
the Iraq War

1st Lt. Joel Getz
Purdue, 2007
Army Ranger
Air Force
Combat Rescue Officer
Killed in Afghanistan. June 9, 2010.
Lance Cpl. Benjamin Schmidt
Texas Christian, 2008
Scout Sniper
2nd Battalion, 4th Marines
Killed in Helmand Province
October 6, 2011

Capt. Nick Rozanski
Ohio State, 1998
National Guard
Killed in Faryab Province
April 4, 2012
Last known Phi killed in combat
in the history of the fraternity.