"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder."
Ralph W. Sockman
Ohio Wesleyan, 1911
Since it's founding in 1848, Phi Delta Theta has produced within its membership some of the most influential and memorable men in history. This site pays tribute to over 1,200 Prominent Phis who have achieved remarkable distinction in their respective field or have greatly contributed to society.

Phis such as Lou Gehrig and Neil Armstrong are very familiar but there are many who have had extraordinary accomplishments and are no less deserving of recognition. Though this is the most comprehensive site for famous alumni of any fraternity, at best it is a mere fraction of the great men of Phi Delta Theta.

If you look hard enough, you will be very amazed to find out who is a Phi and what their contributions were. It is my hope that this site will serve as an inspiration to the younger generations of Phis who will carry on the legacy of FDQ.

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